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Thursday Doors, 15/11/18: Koper 1

Today the memory of an August afternoon spent in Koper, the fifth largest Slovenian city. By the look of it, it could also lie far away, in Argentina, maybe, or Honduras, or at least Italy. This biggest Slovenian port is located just below Trieste and … Continue reading Thursday Doors, 15/11/18: Koper 1

Lens-Artists: Follow the light

The more pictures I take, the more it becomes obvious that all I do is follow the light. The best is to catch it before it says good night when they say it’s golden, so I do. This magical gallery starts in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where … Continue reading Lens-Artists: Follow the light

Pic and a Word #157: El pastel

El Pastel It’s as if the pinks and blues only get to play early in the morning or late in the day. Whoever came up with this gender segregation must be slightly upset every time the sun sets or rises and the colours display how … Continue reading Pic and a Word #157: El pastel