Thursday Doors, 15/11/18: Koper 1

Today the memory of an August afternoon spent in Koper, the fifth largest Slovenian city.

By the look of it, it could also lie far away, in Argentina, maybe, or Honduras, or at least Italy. This biggest Slovenian port is located just below Trieste and has an Italian name too, Capodistria, the Boss of the Istria peninsula.

I strolled around waiting for my friend to join me for lunch (a past post from Koper for his birthday is here), and of course doors were stealing my glances as usually. Today part 1 and we shall be back on two more Thursdays in due time.

I passed the port too and if anyone asks why cranes – they are for Dan. He says that cranes have doors too so they qualify. His birthday was just now after all.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

37 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 15/11/18: Koper 1

  1. There is an exotic feel to this location. Maybe it’s those blue, blue skies and palm trees. The shutters on the windows make me think of lazy warm afternoons in siesta … or maybe that’s just my Mediterranean blood speaking 😏

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  2. There are so many beautiful doors in this post. I love the shutters and the balcony doors. I also like that first photo with the doors framed by those tall trees. Of course, I love the cranes (and they do have doors) – thanks for including them.

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    1. True, Jean! I was amazed to see this sky too, I don’t remember it as such as all. I guess I’m spoiled! I’m so glad you got the idea from this post. Thank you so much!


  3. That blue sky! Oh my goodness. I almost didn’t look at the doors because the sky is so pretty and clear. I like the quaint little church door. Looks so clean and humble. Very inviting.

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    1. Thank you, Norm. I’m seriously spoiled sky-wise if I don’t remember the sky from that day! And I don’t! Probably because that sky means hot. And that was going on all summer and I was a bit bored of it by then.

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  4. Blue doors and shutters are my favorite! They remind me of Rovinj, same shade!
    And I love harbor cranes! I used to live in Hamburg, and the harbor there is such a sight. The cranes were like a landmark, and since then whenever I see cranes, I feel at home :))

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    1. Did you see, Marina, Bojana also mentions Rovinj in her comment! Must be true! I really must return to Rovinj one of these days, haven’t been for decades. I’m so glad to hear cranes make you happy too. 🙂 Thank you!

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  5. Haha I like that you added “for real” after the bible-reading society! My favourite is probably the “old beauty” but it’s a tough call.

    A dance song started playing on the TV as I scrolled to the photo of the cranes, so to me they looked like they were dancing. A fun post!

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    1. This is excellent, thank you for telling me about it, Danny. 🙂 You haven’t posted anything from there yet, have you? I did a search on Slovenia on your photo blog and it came back empty. Welcome to my blog!


  6. Beautiful doors as always. The blue skies are so pretty, we haven’t seen ours in a while. Of course, I’m grateful, because when I look at this batch of doors, my first thought is, “My, don’t it look HOT!” lol

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    1. Hehe, Joey, that’s correct. It was hot that day and this is exactly what this blue means. Still sending some of you your way and mine too, because here in Slovenia is covered and cold at the moment. I know you like that. 🙂 Thank you!

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