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January 1, 2019

This blog has been filled up too and is closed. No more posts will be added here. Please be so kind and follow me through the new door to my next, fourth blog. It is called Manja Mexi Moving and it is here:



January 1, 2018

This is my third blog. The first one (here) is full and the second one (here) has just been fulfilled and closed as well.

Blogging is work, no matter what they tell you.

But it’s also fun, and it’s fun to change once in a while, no matter how I fear change and am always the last to adopt new technologies. This theme is called Edda and I like the sudden burst of colour and the fact that not many bloggers use it.

If you don’t know me yet, I like to tell it as it is but keep my voice down. I show it like it is too, with minimum changes, because the world is fascinating enough. It is about my life in Italy – mostly Tuscany, where I live, plus Rome – and Slovenia where I’m from.

What have I learned through two blogs? That there are many who like what I like and this warms my heart.

I shall leave pro photography to pros, writing tips to writers, top ten lists to bloggers who love crowds and scratching surface (not that I don’t love lists, mine just tend to be substantial and for life), and keep doing it for myself and all who can relate.

I love it when I’m called meaningful, colourful, forthright. For me to blog is to ripple, to feed others and myself, to carefully choose what content to share and to absorb from the multitudes that exist online.

This blog begins with several quite lovely story posts from 2017 when I intended to use this blog for my writing only. Now I’m changing this to everything goes. Once this blog is full, the WordPress quota of three blogs will be filled and I have no idea what to do next.

Welcome and as always, please help yourselves to some lasagna for the eyes and mind.

ADD-IT, April 29 2018: Since I have been writing and posting a poem a day throughout April, I now consider myself borderline poet. Beware.

All photos and words are mine (Manja Maksimovič, © signature mmm) unless otherwise indicated. Can’t be bothered with the watermark any more, it takes so much time and it’s ugly. If you plan to use anything without a warning, a word of warning: it’s not easy being me.

A few years back 15 minutes away, in Niki de Saint Phalle’s Tarot Garden, with my first digital camera. I’m on my second now – but it’s a Nikon.

Blog header: When two tribes go to peace. © signature mmm


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