Lens-Artists: Follow the light

The more pictures I take, the more it becomes obvious that all I do is follow the light.

The best is to catch it before it says good night when they say it’s golden, so I do.

This magical gallery starts in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where I was born and where the light is often subdued or there is not much of it because the sun remains hidden behind the clouds for weeks.

We continue via Maribor, with my sister’s current view, to Piran on Slovenian coast where the light ends and if you want more of it you must continue to Italy. So I did.

First there is Lucca with two photos from the same day, while the rest of the photos are all from different days. I was only there once and am afraid to return because it was so perfect, all due to the light.

From Lucca we move to Rome where the light, just like everything else, is in your face. In such light it is impossible to remain in a sombre mood for long.

Then, by way of a few stops, we hop closer and closer to home where a digger is waiting on the beach for the right light to become the most beautiful thing of the moment.

And finally, the real reason why I came into the Italian light: my knight of the round table in the photo that remained after posting the most recent Thursday Doors from The Abbey of San Galgano, all in such glorious light.

But frankly, I’d follow him anywhere. The light is just a bonus.

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, hosted by Amy at THE WORLD IS A BOOK…: Magical Light

29 thoughts on “Lens-Artists: Follow the light

  1. Awww – I love the ending 💕 … it’s also a GREAT photo.

    The light is definitely one of the defining qualities of your photos. The staircase in the entrance way lit in the fading sunlight is my favourite photo. The low sun has created a spotlight on the stairs and made them the star of the show 🙂

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  2. Oohh, how I love these, Manja. You have captured so well, that subdued, yellow, burnt, soft light that is so very present down where you live…and never up here north. A joy to wander in your footsteps.

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    1. Ohh, Leya, this is lovely to hear, thank you so much! It’s true though, isn’t it. You don’t get this kind of light up there. And it’s SO much easier to take any kinds of photos with it around. The photos practically take themselves. 🙂


        1. Here’s my far fetched and most likely widely inaccurate theory on the matter: you always were attracted to photography, but at the same felt it was too geeky of a subject. Over time, and because you’re naturally curious, you couldn’t avoid learning a lot about photography, both as an art form and a technique. Take that, Dr. Phil! 😉

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        2. Hihi, I appreciate your attempt but can’t say that I see myself in these words. Too geeky might be right though. I try sooo hard to understand the technicalities but I always fall a bit short. 😀

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