A new door is open

So this one can close. This is the last post on this blog. Let me kindly and gently direct you to my next one.

But first, my New Year’s greeting to you as I sent it around this year. The photo was taken in Rome for Christmas. It seems that I’m of a conviction that the way to be is green, loud and living wherever damn pleases you.

And now let’s open the door to my new blog. The first post is already up.

This is the header that might make people think it’s a food blog. It isn’t.

Unsurprisingly, the first post features a door. I invite you to enter. There is chocolate.

Thank you, everybody, for another lovely blogging year. By visiting me in this way and leaving your thoughts and footprints, you give me more that you know.

I’m afraid you’ll need to find the new follow button again, if you haven’t yet, but then we shall proceed as we were, just with a new background colour.

This blog is now officially closed. Please, proceed through the new door:


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