Complete Calendar 2017

In the spirit of drawing things to a close on this blog, here is the final selection of images for my Calendar 2017. Okay, two.

As you could see and take a peek at my new blog yesterday, with the new year this one is about to close. Therefore I have put together not one but two Calendars for the year 2017 after posting up to twenty photos for each month throughout the year.

I am aware that right now I should be putting up a calendar for 2018 if not for 2019, but I tend to do things my way quite a bit. Thus two calendars for 2017.

I cannot say that this is the best that I can do photography-wise, but these are the images that calm my soul.

First, the one with the first choice of photos for each month you can see above.

But then as I was going through each month’ worth of photos I got sad for the runners-up, as I tend to do. So I said, why the heck no, it’s my blog party and I’ll do what I want!

Therefore, pronto, here is the second calendar with runner-up photos for each month! Each just happens to include a bestia of some sort (it might have been premeditated). The captions might not make much sense since they are taken from the original post.

Enjoy and make no mistake: next year we will start with January 2018 on my next blog.

25 thoughts on “Complete Calendar 2017

    1. Hihi, thanks for your point count, SMSW. 🙂 Do I detect a bit of sarcasm at #4? 😀 😀 But yes, yes, I do! And those friends might have not be able to hug but they can look at each other all the time.

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  1. I love so many of these for the same reason you mentioned: they are calming. The concrete bed – did you lie upon it? I probably would have. The October field is gorgeous. The mountains at your parents house are astonishing, the museum shop is incredible. My fave of the whole collection is the bee.

    Do have a wonderful 2019! I’ll be there with you. ❤

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    1. Thanks, Joey, but maybe I wasn’t clear. These are all from 2017. 😀 The first gallery has the favourites, and the second one the second-best favourites. They seemed sad to be left out so I had to make the second calendar as well. 😉 Photos from January 2018 and then month by month coming on my new blog. Have a great year, Joey! But I have a feeling this goes without saying when you’re around. 😉

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