Lens-Artists PC: My 2018 in photos

Reblogging this on my previous blog to see if there are any followers still unaware that I’ve moved. And now leave this place and welcome to my next blog Manja Mexi Moving!

Manja Mexi Moving (closed)

Leya is asking us for the year 2018 in review and following my blog change I wish to reflect on my last year’s blog and choose some of my favourite moments, because what else are photos if not captured moments for (relative) eternity?

I had fun going through my previous blog to select some of the posts and photos that I’d like you to see (again), but when I got around setting up this post, I got frustrated with technicalities. I don’t like this new editor and my new theme has much fewer options than I’m used to.

I don’t even know how to change the green colour of the links that lead to posts, so believe me when I tell you, there IS a caption under every photo with the working link, it’s just that it’s darn dark green. Sounds like my doing, I like green. I just don’t…

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One thought on “Lens-Artists PC: My 2018 in photos

  1. I just discovered that you moved. I thought WordPress migrated followers to the new blog. My blog has reached capacity, but I don’t want to start a new one because of issues like this so I’ve been deleting content to add new photos.

    Paying for an upgrade would increase storage, but it doesn’t make sense. WP allows you to have as many free blogs as you want with a 3GB capacity, but if you want to increase your storage on a single blog you have to pay?!

    I tried linking to off-site storage (e.g. Flickr, or Picasa), but if the external site has technical difficulties it can wreak havoc with your blog. The pictures may vanish and have to be relinked manually.

    I’m afraid to start a new blog and people won’t find me.

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