Thursday Doors, 15/2/18: Piran

I have a bit of an identity crisis. After almost three years I have run out of doors.

That is, the ones waiting in designated folders to be posted. This is the last batch! Once I run through my photo archives, I’m bound to find more though.

It’s because I’m lazy, sedentary and waiting for a visitor to spur me into action, rather than using the best not-yet-hot (actually quite cold) times to hop around the million little towns that is Tuscany. But doing it with only bestia for company is a bit… Maybe you understand, maybe you don’t, but this line of thinking is the result of my plans to live to be 100. There is time.

I mean, this morning we had -2 C (32 F)! While in Slovenia it’s 0 to 6. I think this is the first time that over here is colder than over there. Good thing we have our lovely and beloved new stufa (furnace).

In other news, Fak! We have the first Olympic medal! Yesterday’s Slovenia’s ice-hockey victory over the USA (even without Anže Kopitar of Los Angeles Kings on Slovenian team) might have given Slovenian biathlon racer with the lovely surname Fak an extra push and he won silver today. Way to shut up all the haters who complained that he, a Croatian by birth, should not be the flag bearer for Slovenia at the opening ceremony. And so he wasn’t.

Better a medal than a flag.

As a thank you for the medal, I’m giving him and Croatia a bit of Piran back, at least in the shape of some colourful doors. Croatia and Slovenia are in dispute over the Gulf of Piran and some border land, you see. Tensions fly. Please be careful over there. This sounds like exactly a thing over which wars start.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

38 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 15/2/18: Piran

  1. Run out of doors?! You?

    That borders on a crisis since you are the one person who always seems to have a great selection of doors available EVERY week! I mean, you LIVE IN ITALY!!! I would go out with you in a heartbeat!

    I love the photo you labelled “Living”. It’s all the greenery surrounding the door. It looks so inviting.
    However, my favourite door is the one you labelled “intense”. I’m not a fan of the colour red, but the door is wonderful.

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    1. 😀 Yes, Joanne, a crisis indeed. But it’s all my fault. When the shit hits the fan, I’ll go. You say it this way, correct? 😉

      I’m glad I chose your favourite photo to be featured on top then. 🙂 In this case the red works. Thank you!

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  2. Okay we’re all going to have to pray for warmer weather in Tuscany. Manja simply cannot run out of doors, there must be a law about this somewhere, no?
    But seriously only -2? That would feel like spring around here. In fact it went up to a very spring-like +5 today.
    Something is seriously off with the global climate when it’s warmer in Montreal than in Tuscany in February. Maybe you should come doorscursioning here 😀

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    1. Thanks, Norm. I’d love to come over there! For doors and so much else! As it is, yesterday at 5am the car said -2… We have a cloud cover, which is not usual, and some cold wind. I’m sure it’s just temporary. The first blue sky day, and I’m off!

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  3. You saved some real beauties for this last batch. Hopefully the last days of winter will surprise you with warmer temps. Definitely better a 🥇 than a 🇸🇮. Sending you warmth from Thailand

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    1. Thank you, Lisa. The truth is that in five years since I’ve been living here, I can count below-zero mornings on one hand. We’ll live. 😉 And the doors will wait, which is one of their characteristics I love very much.

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  4. Your last batch of doors is quite stunning. I do understand the angst when facing the fact that going out and photographing doors must happen. I am very much in that same boat.

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  5. Seriously? Are you guys still squabbling over the Piran Gulf?
    Give it to administer to Regione Piemonte. We’ve always wanted a bit of seaside, we’re false but polite and we’ll keep it exactly the way we found it. Everyone will be happy, or at least will have a common enemy. We just ask people to speak with open “E”, close “O” and not to trust the Lombards.

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    1. Hahhah, Fabrizio, va bene! If you give us Trieste. It’s high time… (Nahhh, no joking matter. Some people wouldn’t be happy reading this.) I think Piemonte needs some coast. We have the biggest port just for you: Capodistria, or in Slovenian: Koper. Open e, close o. 😀 (even though the locals change it to open o).

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  6. I have some doors. I need more time. lol
    Your leftovers are, of course, far more glorious than my own! Beauties! I love #10, but I can see why you lean to the green.

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  7. A great selection of doors, and fun reading everyone’s comments. Your thoughts are always interesting to me! I don’t want to make you jealous but it was 72 degrees here and everyone was at the beach. I think you saw my sand ladder post.

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    1. Thank you, Carol. 🙂 Yes, I saw your sand ladder and could hear myself puff. 😀 I’m not jealous at all because in no time it will be so hot here that we’ll be begging for a refreshing rain again, like last year. So I say let it rain. 🙂 I’m glad for you though. And thank you for the follow over here too!


  8. I do not believe you have run out of doors 🙂 Manja/no doors…impossible! However, I will say the running out of doors post produced some gorgeous ones, but my favorite is your favorite. No 10, just glorious, maybe you could post it in B & W next week?!!!

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    1. Oh, Vicky, this is an interesting idea indeed. I’m such a colours freak that I didn’t even think of making a black and white Thursday Doors post! First in three years!! 😮 If or when I do it (maybe it will be next week, not this one), I’ll include no. 10 just for you. 🙂 Thank you and welcome to my next blog.

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