Piran then and now

I’ve changed the capital for the coast. Let’s follow the woman with the straw hat.

In Piran on the Slovenian coast by the Adriatic they put up several boards with vintage photographs showing Piran how it used to be, and set them on the locations where they were taken.

I’m sure I haven’t discovered them all yet but above are four of them and some other views from the last two days with mom in vintage showing the way.

Piran never disappoints. Not only parents and visiting friends, our Garden of Eden and Druga (= word play, ‘eden’ means ‘one man’ in Slovenian, ‘druga’ means ‘another woman’), ice-cream, rock music in the air from the homes around, there is also a certain kind of light when the sun is about to set.

The last light of Slovenia. If you want more, you need to proceed to Italy.

25 thoughts on “Piran then and now

        1. Yes, I have this feeling… Taking things left and right and coming up with something new. 😉 And the nature took care of it that Slovenia is one great mix: the sea, beautiful lakes, underground caves, lovely rivers especially the blue-green Soča, the Alps and its peaks and valleys, rolling vineyard hills, the Pannonian Plain with spas, picturesque towns and a city or two for some night life. 😀

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        2. Maybe you’ve noticed that I don’t talk of the people as much as of the landscape. 😀 Nobody is perfect, goes for countries as well. 😉 It might be that I’d leave in any case, sooner or later.

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        3. Eh… not really 🙈😆 haven’t noticed it)) But now I do.
          True true. It is good to have it close, even if you are away, you can always do a visit. I miss sometimes that Slavic heart and I wish Ukraine were closer to visit))

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  1. what a charming picturesque coastal town. Pity I couldn’t visit it last year on my Italy-Slovenia trip. Thanks for sharing these postcards with us Manja:). Regards Stef

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  2. My favourite photo is the one of the woman carved in stone, but what strikes me as I look through this gallery is how quiet and peaceful the streets are – not clogged with tourists. This is how I imagine all of Europe to look rather than the congested reality.
    I’m also struck by how little it’s actually changed. The city has successfully retained the historical look of its waterfront. Your photos make me want to visit! … a little bit of irony there 🙂

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    1. Oh Joanne, it must be just my way of pointing my camera away from the crowds. There are here too, not as drastic as in some other places but still. This might be the bit of irony that you were thinking of. Other than that, no irony in the fact that you and all people of good will should visit indeed. 🙂 Thank you!

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