Thursday Doors, 14/6/18: Massa Marittima

This is how I spent my first twenty minutes in Massa Marittima, a bright jewel in the crown of Tuscany.

I visited it for the first time only last month when my parents were here. It made quite an impression.

Today let me show you how Massa greets you: with a square, teeming with stairs, important buildings and on that Friday afternoon a minimum amount of tourists, which made me feel as if they had just built it especially for us and nobody knew about it yet.

Twenty doors photos from the first twenty minutes, then, since – as it is around here – everywhere you turn there is at least one to five. Doors were enough for two more door posts from here.

I shall not give you any info on the buildings, just soak it all in as I did. The last six photos were taken in a (not so) hidden courtyard behind the church with the statue in the middle. I don’t know who he is but he seemed cheerful and I was so impressed that I gave him a thumb up for his town. Imagine if someone took a video.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

33 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 14/6/18: Massa Marittima

  1. A post full of Old World charm! It appears it was a day of clouds mixed with bits of sun and my favourite shots are the ones with the blue sky lighting up the windows like jewels.

    There’s also a building in the middle of the photos with windows in 2 tones of blue (Archaeological Museum?), but what strikes me are (what appear to be) stone plaques which randomly decorate the wall. So interesting! There has to be a story in there!

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    1. True, Joanne, that is a museum and to me it seems as if it wore some of its artefacts on its sleeve. 😀 Old old world charm is right. And the dramatic clouds added to the effect as well, no doubt (hard to take photos in such harsh light though). Thank you!

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  2. Ah your captures express the atmosphere in Tuscany so well! Love all of it. I wonder (rhetorically – don’t necessarily an answer) why the row of half-pillars (was it for lack of funds, or did they want a closed wall ? I can see myself walking here – thanks for the pleasant memories!

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    1. Thank you, Jesh. Interesting point you raise like often. I have no idea about the half-pillars… but I never doubt the Italian sense of style. Obviously they had to be there for some reason. 😉


  3. Exceptional…as usual. Like Joanne, I found the blue reflections in the windows to me amont my favourite shots. I’m getting out of breath just looking at all those stairs but I’m sure if I pace myself… 😀

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  4. I got excited when I saw the title of this post. I remember that first one you did for Massa Marittima, and I think I was left speechless by how amazing everything looked. Lucky for you there weren’t heaps of tourists around to obstruct your door photos! It looks like a wonderful place for a stroll

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    1. Thank you, Pistachios, I’m glad you remember. 🙂 We shall be back here at least on two more Thursdays (but not immediately, I like to vary locations). I think lack of tourists and the dramatic sky added to the experience enormously.


      1. I’m looking forward to those posts! But, yes, perhaps not a bad idea to leave a bit of time between each – there’s a certain happiness in revisiting a pleasant memory after “forgetting” for a while 😉

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