Mighty Massa Marittima

Sometimes a town flies in below the radar and hits you in all the feels.

It is grand, mesmerising and for some strange, undetermined reasons almost empty of people, as it’s not such a must-see destination as Siena, Pisa or Lucca. This is the best part of Maremma south of Siena: only covered by local trains and no highway, it is glorious but still relatively wild and not many people choose it over more famous landmarks. Serves them right.

Maritime Mass then, but Marittima doesn’t mean it’s on the sea – on the contrary, it’s on a hill like more or less all towns around here – rather it’s an adjective derived from Maremma.

I think it’s a case of town for which no amount of photos seen in advance can prepare you. But I can at least give it a try.

31 thoughts on “Mighty Massa Marittima

  1. You had me convinced at the feature photo! The rest of the photos were icing on the cake. Love!

    I had to look up the town on a map because I couldn’t picture where it was. It’s just reminded me of how little of the ‘homeland’ I actually know!

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    1. Oh, Joanne, it’s amazing how many towns are here, incredibly beautiful towns, but the competition is such that they don’t get nearly enough mention. Italy is not fair to the other countries. 😀 Thank you! Now we’re on our own again and I’ll catch up with your pre-celebrations. Exciting times, I see!

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  2. Sold! I’ll show this to Honey later but I’m pretty sure we’re in. Looks like a wonderful place.
    Will keep you posted as our plans progress but I’d love to see this place if time allows.

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    1. Great. 🙂 Frankly, and I saw it this week again very clearly – it doesn’t matter where we go. It’s gorgeous all over. And you cannot do as much in a day as you plan anyway. Twisted roads, stuff to see, and doorsdoorsdoorsdoors everywhere you look…

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  3. Wow, there’s just so much history in Italy. I’m looking at those frescoes and carvings and thinking, can’t you almost hear the voices of all those souls there before you? Also liked that you found “home” there. A message for you?

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    1. Thanks, SMSW. Love to see you hopping around. I could definitely hear something in Massa. As for home, amore didn’t go along this time so I couldn’t consult him. I have a hunch we will be going there in September again though, with Norm of all people. 😉

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