Two towns in one June day

One year ago amore made tiramisu so that my American friends and I could have a picnic in the Dying Town.

After Rome ten days earlier, this day last year was our second day together. Liz from Fetching the World, Emily and Shawn just completed their tour of Italy and booked a few nights in Orvieto before flying back to their separate coasts, and there is where we met.

First we drove to Civita di Bagnoregio, which proved quite vibrant for the Dying Town as it’s called due to erosion, and then returned to Orvieto for a stroll. And more dolce. You got to love people who love life. Thank you for two glorious, if hot, days in June. We shall have more.

Most of these photos haven’t been posted yet. I’m especially partial to the last one. Slightly more info in the captions.

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