June 2017

Before June is over, here is a look at last year’s as is my habit. As you will see, it had a girly feel.

With all their visitors and views and vibrations, spring and summer months are so hard to pin down in twelve images, which is what I strive for in my calendar posts.

I already posted about two days from then: one spent in Orvieto and Civita di Bagnoregio, and another from Castagneto Carducci and Sassetta.

All respect for those bloggers who are able to post just a handful of well-selected photos. I bet you are also excellent packers, whereas I wish to have everything with me. I like my options.

But I’ll think of packing on Wednesday, the day before my departure for Slovenia and the day after Pearl Jam in Rome (which has been confirmed. Ed’s voice is back!). Always last minute with me.

Instead, here are 12 images that caught my eye as I was browsing my hundreds of June 2017 photos. Enjoy!

35 thoughts on “June 2017

    1. Thank you, Emma. They have this annual holiday when they do that. A town not so far is known for it, Pitigliano, and yet I’ve never been there when it’s happening. They weave intricate patterns with flowers. I’ve seen photos and it looks great.

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  1. WOWZAA! Your images like Dan’s make me need to take notes or comment on the image when I see it else I’ll forget two or three images down the line what it was I wanted to say two or three images up!

    Okay, what I remember…I’m old bare with me. The first image is amazing. That mural. Yes. I get it; the music in your head! At least that is how I interpreted it.

    The little girl at the fence in front of the church was remarkable and poignant.

    Can I try to paint that villa in Italy with the county of hill and bushes behind it? Oh how I’d love to see that in person! Do you know how blessed you are to in Italy? I’ve never been and it’s on my Bucket List. Alas I always opt for the England and France when I’ve had the opportunity to travel abroad. I need to widen my borders. I know.

    There are other images that caught my attention and I had a thought, but here it is at the end of writing what I remembered to comment on, and the rest I forgot. 😭

    How you retrieve all these wonderful memories in film so fast is amazing! My system isn’t as great!
    Teach me! What search engine are you using?

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    1. Oh, Deborah, I’m glad when my post makes you wish to say all at once. 🙂 You mean the countryside with the swallow in front? Oh yes, of course you can paint it. 🙂 I wish that you manage to reach Italy one day. And finally, when I upload my images from my camera, they are automatically copied into folders with the date of the capture, I don’t need to do a thing! And I have no idea how I’ve managed that. It’s just been like that from the start!

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      1. Agh, I’m sorry to hear this. I love sunflowers and have grown them in my garden in the past (not now, the deer eat them) and I’ll hopefully have a place to do it again sometime, they always just make me smile.

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  2. A lovely collection, as others have already said. The one that stands out for me is the title image – a simple shot at first glance but so much detail in the poses of the runners, the statues and even the bystanders. I clicked hopefully, wanting to enlarge it for a closer look!

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    1. Thank you, Judith. I often think of you when I wish to cram my post with photos and instead try to be more like you and select well. 🙂 I hope that you have found the way to enlarge the photo by clicking on it in gallery and then on “View Full Size” underneath.

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