Pic and a Word #143: Big

The subject of Big had me reach for Niki de Saint Phalle’s Oracle from her Tarot Garden. She is the grandest I know.


I’m confronted with it
So big
So far to go

This is how Patrick begins his poem for this week’s Pic and a Word challenge. And towards the end he writes this truth:

Wherever I get
That will have to be
Far enough

In the south of Tuscany there is the Tarot Garden (Il giardino dei tarocchi) with sculptures of tarot cards by Niki de Saint Phalle. I wrote about the Devil yet. But now here is her.

The Oracle

is a she.
She has snakes for hands
and she is big enough and wise enough
to make father cautiously apprehensive
and mother mimic her.
Some stay the hell away
yet sister feels inspired
while I spy on her at first
keep a tree between us
but then approach from behind
and realise that
– like so many fears, promises and beliefs –
she is hollow too
with a cosy little spot
red and shiny
like the inside of the womb
for weary travellers through life
to rest and wait
to turn into what
they are to become
in order to die.

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #143: Big

24 thoughts on “Pic and a Word #143: Big

  1. I love the she-ness of your poem, expressed in so many ways. I do not like the oracle, her eyes frighten me. Maybe that is her point, looking into the future is scary and prone to interpretation and uncertainty, maybe it is better not to know?

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      1. Yes. that is making sense to me. I do like the idea, the snake as the manifestation of her prophetic powers…I do have the dim idea that the Greek oracle could not see with her actual eyes but with her inner eyes, but I could be making that up.

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        1. Io Italiana? Ma nooo. I’m Slovenian but have been living here in my corner of Tuscany for five years now. Yes, she died of emphysema, polyester killed her, her work. Shame indeed.

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        2. Slovenian? 🙂 That is nice. (Though I speak not a word of Slovenian… need to work on it.) 😉
          Nikki de Saint-Phalle left her work. And that is forever.

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    1. Thank you, Amanda. It just rolled out like that. 🙂 I see the ending not as bad at all as some feel. Was it Jung who said that our task in life was to become the person we are when we die?


    1. Thank you, Pistachios. I wasn’t planning to end it this way, it just rolled out like this. I was reminded of Jung who said (something like) that our task in life is to become the persons we are when we die. Whether it’s sombre or not to die is another matter, but we better stop calling it that since we all will do it one day. I think one time I climbed inside it with bestia but he wasn’t all too happy about it.

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