Disturbance in the force

Today was a fairy-tale morning in Maremma. Hard to believe but the worlds are becoming one. 

It started to snow last night around 9 and at 8 am I ventured out in the weak sun to capture what I knew would be history by lunch: snow in southern Tuscany, a never-before seen phenomenon, not even by amore who has been here longer.

Listening about the snow alert for Rome for this weekend was one thing, hearing that on Monday, that is today, all schools and kindergartens in Rome would remain closed was another. But we are about an hour and a half up and much closer to the sea, less than 2 km away. Surely we won’t get any snow?

Wrong. The force has spoken and it was white. The new addition to the blues and greens was lovely, the animals were a bit alarmed, though.

I think I might start building a series of side car window glances, I like them. And the merged reflections of me on bestia too. More info on the photos in the captions.

Thank you for an unexpected disturbance, force. Just the drama we like: rare and temporary.

And in the meantime, Rome got 10 cm of it. Instead of our sun, it was snowing most of today there, and young and old went sledding in the Circus Maximus. You know, where they filmed Ben Hur. The day they are not likely to forget soon. And right now I saw that schools will be closed tomorrow as well.

Whereas amore was denied work – his train got stuck behind a broken train in the middle of his daily ride to Rome. Nothing else to do but turn around and return home – only to see that the train he’d intended to take had a 6-hour delay. Welcome to Italy in wintertime.

44 thoughts on “Disturbance in the force

        1. Not with a dog. 😀 Yours were two people, I believe. I need to find it, it was quite a long time ago. I promised you that I’d post mine. And I did, another one before this one.


        2. ….yeeeehess.. …I knooohow …. …look the comment below.. …I saaaaaw it… 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😉
          Hey, you’re a brillant investigator! Respect! Really! ..btw, do you know where my TV remote is? 🙂 …if not, I I can send you my TV program mag for free… …I don’t need it anymore now! You want it? 😀 😀

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        3. ..oh, you were faster that me.. …sorry for my late reply. I saw only now that you already send the link. 🙂
          I think you don’t need my link anymore.. ..if you like, you can send it back. 😀 😀

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  1. Nice shots, but looking at the 3 feet of snow still sitting on our lawn all I can say is pfft! 😀
    Seriously though, snow in Rome was all over the news here and in fact 10 cms is quite a lot when you’re not used to it. I hope there were no serious incidents.

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    1. Ahh, Fabrizio, not for me! You must be very skilled to do that! 😮 Bestia encountered snow already in Slovenia when very young and it was just harder and colder rain for him, and he hates to go out when it’s raining. 😀 Italian dog, you got to understand…

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  2. What a treat! It’s beautiful, and I like those reflection selfies too.

    We don’t as a rule get snow here, but it has on occasion snowed. It’s great fun, and the surrounding mountains look gorgeous dusted in snow. I’ve been hoping for snow all winter, and finally the highest peaks in the area got some!

    Stay warm!

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  3. Ooh! Snows! Here, that’s the norm, but I still find it beautiful, every single time.
    I am really fond of the car window shots. I think you’re onto something there.

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    1. Hey, Joey, thanks, that’s a nice encouragement. Snow is gone at home and in Rome too where the snowfall was more substantial. We’re back to warmth, but Rome is showing signs of being laid by a snowful: frozen ficus trees, destroyed tarmac, quiet park parrots for once – not at all as it was. It will need some time to regroup.


    1. Oh, sure, it fell on a Monday and it was all gone by the weekend when I got there. It must have been crazy! I saw a video of some nuns having a snowball fight. It snowed even in Naples! I hope the tourists packed something besides flipflops. 😉

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