WPC: Faces in Siena crowd

I understand I should make you anonymous but if you enter my frame, I will click and think “thank you”.

This is a selection of people photos from my three visits of Siena.

I’d been looking forward to making this selection all week but once I started I had 60 photos immediately, even though while browsing I marvelled at my talent of ignoring people completely for weeks.

I live in the country, I can.

Siena proved the most giving regarding people photography. Not that I ever set out to do that – I do all I can to point my camera away from human life forms, but over there people just can’t hide. They run left and right, often before my eyes. And sometimes they also lie down. They’ve got a square just for that with a natural incline where horses race in the summer.

You will notice several doors, many of which have been posted on my first two blogs already on Thursdays when Norman Frampton has a door feast. Come back in two days, there will be more doors. And then post your own. Some other photos have been posted before too but I think it’s good to see them all together like this.

If you were in Siena in the last two years, chances are you will find yourself below. Slim but there are. This reminds me of a newspaper in old Yugoslavia that posted a random people photo with a circle around a certain person who then had a chance to call or write in, provide some proof of identity and collect some money. I can offer you homemade tiramisu instead. Va bene?

Let’s have a look. Images enlarge upon contact.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: A Face in the Crowd

41 thoughts on “WPC: Faces in Siena crowd

      1. I think it’s even impossible too see a glimpse of the Palio. I remember this from my (history) teacher… he was obsessed about the Palio. have a nice day Manja

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        1. Yes:). I deleted my former doors/roofs posts etc. I am gonna upload it in several challenges. Part of new “strategy”. Blogging, a full time job😂

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  1. I was there in April 2016 and loved it!! Your pictures transported me back and made me miss the energy of that city. Fabulous pictures with many layers/colors/textures. Well done!

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  2. Though I don’t like the popular concept of photographing strangers and posting the pics, I must admit that I love these pictures! The last two, the texts you’ve written, and the best one is of the girl with the best day t-shirt seeing bestia 😀 (lots of “bests” there!)
    (And if you’re standing in front of a tourist trap then it’s no surprise you’ll end up in photos!)
    I should go to Siena one day!

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    1. Oh, SMSW, you haven’t been yet! Yes, yes, we should. 🙂

      Thank you. I’m also not a fan of stalking people with the lens, but I like happy coincidences like these. I was really surprised while searching for them how I take photos of any city: carefully looking beyond and above all people, no matter how many there are, as if I’m alone. I think I get jittery when there are too many to do that, like in Rome at the Fontana di Trevi, for example. You can feel all those karmas bumping into each other. No no no.

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        1. Hehhe, you tease. Since posting that sweet post, I’ve had zero desserts apart from a few squares of dark chocolate. Even better, I bought plain yogurt and only eat plain oats with it and it’s great! And fruit! But if you get here, we shall have first one, then the other, and then both together. 😀


  3. LOL! I think the lady in blue walking into your frame knew she photobombed you by the position of her hand to her mouth. It’s an “uh oh” kinda look. 🙂

    Boys…always running! I wish I had the energy. I too like the last two images the most. Great set! Thanks for the mini tour.

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