Thursday Doors, 1/3/18: Torri

This is Tuscany. You stop, have a look around and immediately you have 50 door photos.

And not much else. Luckily, I’m a fan.

No need to worry, they will keep on coming, the doors of Tuscany. Torri near Siena, the town of the lovely Abbey of Santa Mustiola from last Thursday, is an old village and it shows. There are No Facilities of any kind there as is the Norm in these old towns. (See what I did there?)

We were thirsty but the man who came out of the house suddenly, and almost bumped into my camera pointed at his door, said there was nowhere to have a drink. For a while now.

In other news, last evening it started snowing AGAIN after Monday’s surprise that soon melted (proof here). Amore promptly cancelled work. And today, as I was looking forward to go and make a snowman, I saw only wetness outside, no trace of snow left.

Too bad, just as I was starting to get used to it, waiting for Italians to turn more mellow and introverted, like a proper Scandinavian nation. 😉

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

42 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 1/3/18: Torri

    1. Thank you, Dilip! 🙂 Nice to see you around. If you’re ever in the mood, there is a link at the end of my post to the blog where every Thursday door photos are gathered. Welcome to take part!

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  1. You are making me homesick for Tuscany! Love all the little corners you captured. Wow, I thought it could only snow in the N. of Italy! Yes, I saw “the norm”:):) Writing you from the JeshStudio, but is still Jesh StG~

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        1. And I forgot to ask you if I may call you Junieper. 🙂 I like snow as a rarity. I like snow when I’m skiing (used to do it often and well, but not in the last 10 years or so). And I like snow from the aesthetic point of view. I’d miss it if I never saw it any more.


        2. Since I grew up in Holland I was used to snow and ice. But for the last 30 years I lived in Southern California so I only would see snow if we would take a trip. Never got the hang of skating though – skiing -I didn’t even try, because Holland is as flat as a pancake!
          Of course, you can call me Junieper, or Jesh, whatever you like best (hope you know I’m the same person. Because I wanted this blog to be totally separate from artworksfromJesh, I needed another name and email, otherwise wordpress would clump all my blogs together (less space, lol).

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  2. Mother-in-law door 😀
    I really like the knockers on 52/50 and the warm honey colour of #66.
    Stay warm and stay safe. Snowmen are not as much fun as you might think. They require wet snow which means you end up coming in out the snow all cold and soggy.
    When you’re nine it’s no big deal but only because there’s usually a caring grown-up there with a towel to dry you off and give you hot-cocoa 😉

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    1. Oh Norm, I know all about the wet snow and cocoa, I grew up in it. 😀 Wouldn’t mind any of that right now again. But we’re back to 12 degrees C, no way it will happen again any time soon.

      Do you remember who mentioned mother-in-law door first? It was someone here on Thursday Doors. For sure I didn’t make it up. And thank you!

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  3. ahaha, waiting for Italians to become a bit Scandinavian? You’ll wait a long time :))) they don’t even change under the Norwegian climate press :)))
    Lovely town, so many pretty doors and arches…and no bar? How, but how is it possible? Are we in Italy or where?! *waving my hand in Italian manner*

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