Happy art and Soul!

I will never forget the moment about five years ago when mom told me her cousin who celebrates today had started to paint. This is her work in 20 pictures.

When you invited us on a visit to see what you were up to, I expected something completely different. Vases, fruit, stuff like that, probably what I’d start with.

Instead there were vistas, and the green one I loved the most you promptly gifted us for Christmas. This is how it started.

After that you gave us two paintings based on my photographs. What honour and great results.


Then came the blue period. First, a painting entitled “Metka goes to Fiesa” (Metka is mom and Fiesa is a place close to Piran) that you gave to her, and then the first of two paintings, one smaller and one bigger ocean scene, that you let me have without a fight and it wasn’t even Christmas.

The third ocean scene we came to pick up at your place, to where we were invited again in the winter for the lunch of “žlikrofi”, dumplings with potato filling, which are a specialty of Idrija, the town of your husband. Here is a tour of your exquisite house.

And finally, when I asked you to be so kind and gift one of your works for the first prize at our annual card tournament, when we play Tarock in my parents’ garden in Ljubljana, you immediately agreed and provided this forest scene. I couldn’t have known that it would be going home with me. 😉

Oh, I almost forgot. You did this too and I have it right here on my right and smile at it daily.

Thank you, Duša, for your art and soul (which is the translation of your name). ❤ Tanti auguri and hope to see you here again soon!

28 thoughts on “Happy art and Soul!

  1. Art acquisition is always fun, and if it happens to be done by a (talented) relative, all the better! I have a cousin in Greece who is a well-known painter, and a few years ago, I finally splurged and bought a large painting of hers that had to be shipped across the ocean. It was well worth it and now hangs prominently in my house, reminding me of both family and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. How lucky you are to have your own family artist so near!

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  2. Še sveža torta.

    24. feb. 2018 3:15 pop. je oseba “Mexi Movie the Third” napisala:

    > Manja Mexi Movie posted: “I will never forget the moment about five years > ago when mom told me her cousin who celebrates today had started to paint. > This is her work in 20 pictures. When you invited us on a visit to see what > you were up to, I expected something completely diffe” >

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  3. I found my way here via comments on Snow’s blog and I am glad I did. It was a joy to see this artwork.I especially like the one that was the prize! Lucky you! It looks like Birch trees to me? It has a certain atmosphere that is appealing. And that cover for the pool at that house… I could use that….. ( I say as I vacuum the leaves from our pool weekly, sometimes daily!!) Thanks for posting.

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    1. You’re welcome to my blog, Amanda! I’m glad you had a look and liked what you saw. I’m quite certain those are birch trees, yes, we’ve got lots of them in Slovenia. And I agree – lucky all the way! 🙂


  4. My first thought? Oh, my, I can’t believe it. First of all, what joy for you that your mom’s cousin (that makes her your second, or third cousin?) chose your wonderful photographs for her new (?) painting hobby? But to produce such work, wow, not exactly just a hobby. What talent. Card tournament? How wonderful. You packed in so many details into this one post that I am sitting here amazed.

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    1. Ah, what a lovely first response, thank you, Carol! 🙂 Yes, she started about five years ago, not much earlier. I’m not sure about what she is to me but I like to say that she is the closest to an aunt I’ve ever had. Cards were my hobby, when I still lived in Slovenia. I played the local game called Tarock at national championships against some two hundred men and won some too. 😉

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  5. She started to paint just 5 years ago?! How wonderful that she’s found a passion that she’s good at and appreciated by those she loves!!
    … and what a huge compliment to you to have 2 of your photos painted by her 💕.
    I love how your home is full of details that are meaningful to you … like her paintings.

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    1. Yes, Joanne, I believe it was not much more than 5 years. She is a natural! Just to make sure – only in the first half there are photos of my apartment, the lovely house with the pool and all the paintings in the second half is hers! And thank you!!

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