Thursday Doors, 13/12/18: Capalbio 2

Capalbio is the town on the hill in Maremma closest to me and these are some of its doors.

I often bring visitors here because it’s a charming old town, so it’s small wonder that during our a bit more than just a bloggers’ meeting in late September this is where we concluded our last day together.

By we I mean I and no other than Norm himself, the host of the Thursday Doors challenge of many years.

At the end of the gallery you will find two photos that he took for which, as for his many other acts of goodness, including running this challenge, I wish to thank him profusely.

This town gave me a previous Thursday doorscursion and chances are I will go there again. If not for other, for the splendid green door with the view in the golden hour, featured above, which spells Tuscany for me. To bring Norm there to see it felt proper.

The first nine photos are from another visit in May, that’s why it’s a bit more flowery.

This is the last regular Thursday Doors post for this year. For the next week Norm suggests we make a compilation of our favourite 2018 door photos, and I shall do it most gladly. And for the last Thursday this year doors have been cancelled and I have no idea how you will pass from room to room without them.

And now let’s follow the dog.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

25 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 13/12/18: Capalbio 2

  1. Thank you so much again for showing us some of your favorite not-in-the-guidebooks hidden gems. That day in this place was truly wonderful.
    I swear when it comes time to share my door pics from this doorscursion it’s going to be quite a task narrowing it down; I must have close to 4 dozen unique door shots from this day.
    It’s funny about the time-stamp on the camera – whenever I travel I never think of going into the camera setting to change the time.

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    1. Oh, Norm, take your sweet time. I’m so glad you got much out of it, not just many door photos. I thought it was interesting about the date, and I only noticed it when I went to see which photo was taken first, yours or mine. 🙂 Greetings to you in the snow. Take care and be well!

      Liked by 1 person

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