December 2017

Last month of the year means my last Calendar 2017 post, until I select the top 12, one from each month. 

Here are twenty photos from last December. One half of it I spent at home in the south of Tuscany and the other half in Slovenia where the light was short, the colours subdued, the sun timid.

Since several of these photos merely hint at something, I thought to link to Debbie’s quotation-inspired Suggestion Only challenge at Travel with Intent. This is her quote:

To me photography must suggest, not insist or explain.

I found this challenge by way of Judith’s lovely post at Beyond the Window Box. She is also the one who gave me the idea for my Calendar. This is its second year running. You can find my Calendar 2016 posts here on my previous blog.

Which reminds me: With the new year I’ll have to move again. This time the move will be more drastic, since I’ve filled my three free WordPress blogs quota. I’ll still stick to WP but I’ll need to sign in with a new user name, I suppose.

In the spirit of hinting, not telling it straight, I’m leaving the photos wordless today. If you want to know any location, ask or choose among the numerous tags. As for that bestia photo, this meme says it all.

And the last one? Consider yourself warned. This is the future in the shape of nutria.

18 thoughts on “December 2017

    1. Hihi, Joey, you haven’t seen it around here yet? I like scaring visitors with it. It’s a nutria, or coypu, a relative of both you mention, I’d say, but not quite as cute, if you ask me. It’s an oversized rat with orange teeth. I’m glad you like it. And that you’d follow me, fooollow meeee (Sister Act) ♫♪ Thank you!

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        1. I could be seeing them a lot if I chose to. They are very good at blending in until they open their mouths. 😀 And I prefer to look the other way… But yes, there are many here but keep to themselves. I see there is a documentary out about the nutria situation in the USA. The authorities pay people for every specimen killed. Imagine. (“Rodents of Unusual Size”, 2017)


  1. I’m sure you’ll keep us posted on the blog and ID switch when the time comes, and of course I’ll be joining the new you there too 😀
    Since 2014 I’m still only at 30% of my upload capacity, so hopefully it will be a good long while before I have to consider my running-out-of-space options.

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