Thursday Doors, 31/5/18: Capalbio

Not only my parents, we hosted another travelling couple. Capalbio provided the doors and the view.

One of the visitors is a photographer and enjoyed the narrow streets and hidden corners of Capalbio, the town on the hill above us. No matter how often I go up there, there is always something new to capture. The arches are certainly not new but some flowers could be. Either that or you will have forgotten by now that you have seen a door or two already, just in different light, right down to the last mystery: there is glass but all it is protecting is brick wall. Waitaminute! Must be one of them damn Instagram corners. :p

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

47 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 31/5/18: Capalbio

    1. Hehe, Marina, I’m lucky because these parts here are often overlooked by the in crowds for some reasons (no matter that Italian TV stars vacation here). And I truly hope it stays this way. I remember a blogger writing that between Florence and Rome there is really nothing worth mentioning. 😀

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    1. Thank you, Lexi. Indeed, April and May are possibly the best months to visit. Spring was very short though. I only got to wear my spring coat three times and then it got much too hot for it immediately.

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  1. You have some beauties in here. I also love that first shot, looking down into the valley. #6 looks like it’s taken a few smacks, but they all look like they have served well over time.

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    1. Thanks, Dan. I love the view from here but the day was a bit murky and the golden hour was still a bit removed. I found it interesting that the visiting photographer didn’t care about the vistas at all but much preferred the details of the town. I got cocky when he complimented my composition. 🙂

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  2. oh as usual like the culture rich doors and more.

    like the selfie and i am wondering what an instagram corner is.
    what is that white hting on door thirty nine? wood – a letter?

    and the metal door with the hole handle – eerie.
    my total fav here is the screen door on the second photo in (32) as it looks strong and like an old wine rack….

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    1. Thank you, Prior, I’m glad you like it. 🙂 I’m not on Instagram but I hear that there are special locations which people search out and then post photos from there. Selfies, I presume.

      That is a good question about #39. I was wondering myself. No idea. I’ll have a closer look next time. And you’re right, there are two #6 doors. It’s not a big town but it does have more than one street. And #32 reminds me of a wine rack too!

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