I heart you

This month the A and I Poetry Challenge prompts us to write a heart poem. Since I’m waiting to be reunited with amore, this was not a hard task.

Here is a look back at the two weeks we spent together in Slovenia before he had to return. Every line of my sort of not-really-poem corresponds with one photo where it is repeated in the caption. (Except the last four lines only get one photo.)

I heart you

…when after I’d been here for a month seeing hearts everywhere
you arrive in the robe of space traveller or Jedi on leave;

…when you feel comfortable sailing between urban and rural,
between salmon-walled riverside restaurants
and the realest pizzeria Napoletana outside Naples;

…when you enjoy doing it by yourself too: filled topless tomatoes
and timballo – baked pasta with ragu – ready to serve;

…when a friend takes us to Slovenian house for some Ljubljana steak
and shows us a hand in stone in the old town and you’re all charm;

…when you still smile after a long fruitless search of another friend,
and after you park your unicorn carelessly;

…when your eye wonders, praises and judges
but your hands are always open and giving
even to your rival;

…when you admire mountains despite yourself
following my father
aiding my mother
but the “But why?” question is never far,
especially when your learn of a fee to enter the chapel;

…when you drive us around all day
and leave for Italy the next morning

and I’m left without you again for three weeks.
One more week to go.


26 thoughts on “I heart you

  1. Beautiful words. Separation is never fun from our loved ones. You can hear the affection for your beloved one, in the words you chose to use. I love the photos you have picked to accompany the words, as well. Salmon walled riverside restaurants is my favorite photo and piece of imagery. Thanks for participating.

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