CFFC: Components of a Photo, week 5

Today please join me for some tea and cakes.

And we have reached the final week of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge on the subject of photo components. Each week we were to find one photo or more and mirror Cee’s offering. This was her final original photo:

Photo: Cee

I don’t have many photos of instruments, if any at all, neither are young men posing for me on a daily basis, that’s why I give you the next best thing: my father in a tea house. There are cups!

We found this place, Ginger, in Trieste courtesy of my phone and were delighted to find it open, cosy, cool and friendly. The tea and cakes were excellent, the service warm and father later said that the ginger tea he had saved his life on this hot and humid day.

What I’d wish for my sister is to own a nice little cosy place like this in any part of the world she decides on, in which she’d serve her own yummy food like the salad she served me last night. It would be colourful, it would always smell nice and be full of happy costumers.

This one belongs to a Ginger, I presume, and if I was to judge by her accent she is British. Father was especially fascinated with the two hourglasses for our teas which showed two different times. Something new for me. Take it away, Ginger!



27 thoughts on “CFFC: Components of a Photo, week 5

        1. I’d reply something to do with the curious but I won’t since I really don’t mind the question. 😀 I’m a translator by profession. I only translate into English and Slovenian and lately don’t work much. I’ve also worked as a proofreader and editor. Got a job for me? 😉

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