Final A and I Poetry Challenge

I’ve had the pleasure of taking part in the A and I Poetry Challenge which ran from March till now. This is its final chapter

I wish to thank Amanda and Ineke for all the prompts that made me poem even when it’s not April.

Since the challenge is closing, I’ve chosen one photo from all my previous seven posts. In the caption of each photo there is the link to the post in question.

The featured photo, taken by my sister earlier this month on my visit to Slovenia, is added for this last, October challenge prompt which is: “Write a poem to, or about, your future self. How might you see yourself, or your life, in ten years time.”

Alrighty then.


In ten years I’ll be 68.

It didn’t register.
Let me repeat.

In ten years I’ll be 68.

My parents were it just now.

Something is wrong, can’t be.


I’m forty-eight, not fifty-eight.

Jumping to conclusions again,

“In ten years I’ll be 58”
didn’t sound
exactly the same.)

Here are my monthly poem posts in disorder:

July: A visit to Trieste
September: The cycle of a field through seasons and a humorous ditty
March: A drone image or a little flood? 
May: A lovely birthday present from visiting parents – my poems in a book!
June: Pearl Jam live, again, after four years. 
April: The poetry month. 
August: Amore visited me in Slovenia. 
October: I hope that in ten years’ time most people will stay away but an unknown terrier (of a known owner) will gladly jump into my lap. Photo: Sista Klu


A and I Poetry Challenge

31 thoughts on “Final A and I Poetry Challenge

  1. Firstly let me thank you for your wonderful contributions to the challenge and for participating each and every month. It is very much appreciated. I have really appreciated your input – it has been diverse, intriguing and I love the way you create an atmosphere in your posts with the accompanying photos.
    Secondly, I love the tongue in cheek tone to this month ‘s entry. Glad that you have another 10 years to play with before to turn 68!! And the loyalty of a dog – I totally get that. Wondeful companions that give so much for so little. I have very much enjoyed getting to know your corner of the world, Manja. From Amanda in Australia

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    1. Thank you so much, Amanda, for all your kind and thoughtful words throughout. As for 68, nothing wrong with that at all, but this is truly how my line of thought went. 😀 Be well and keep up the southern hemisphere!

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      1. Haha! We do feel it a bit, being downunder and all!!! Lol!! It has really been a pleasure getting to know you through this feature! I am so happy to have made a new blogging friend! Here’s to Poetry!

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  2. I was looking at these awesome shots (the first one, you smiling, and amore with the menu) and wondering did you really publish them all before? How come I don’t remember them and they are soooo memorable! 😊 💕 Must be my sleep deprivation! I was also confused by you saying you were 58 🙂 Hahah, got that one cleared up!

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    1. SMSW, I did, I posted them all, see the links in the captions, except me with the dog, that one is new, from my last visit. I post so many photos that it’s nothing strange you don’t remember them all, sometimes I don’t either. I know that you’re a regular, probably the most regular visitor I have. 🙂 Thank youuu! I hope you get some good sleep soon!

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  3. I’ve never seen someone look so hot at 68😉
    In all seriousness, I really enjoy the positivity you exude in your posts. A fresh breath of air, always. Your photos are cute, you have an apt ability to capture the wonder in everyday lives. 🙂

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  4. In 20 years, we can both check in with each other and see what it’s like to be 68. I suspect both of us will still be adventuring.

    Ok, I know it’s not relevant to the post or the challenge or the message….but the MAIN thing on my mind is “omigosh look at that amazing ring!!!”

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    1. Joooooj, Crystal, this is lament because I cannot find the ring anywhere! My guess is I lost it during my long bus travel back. 😦 That’s a lesson: do NOT wear things you can lose on your travels. I really hope we will be in touch in 20 years. Who knows how it will be then!

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  5. In ten years I’ll be 54, which I expect will be an interesting time and WHAT will we be doing then? 🙂 I hope you’ll still be sharing photos!

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  6. I’ll be 58 in a few months. I was thinking, Wow! You’ve certainly weathered it much better than I have.
    How did I miss out on a poetry challenge?!? That’ll teach me to stop neglecting my blog and my Reader feed. I’ll try to check out your other challenge poems, also. Glad you added the links.

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    1. 😀 Oh Maggie, nothing wrong with being either 68, let alone 58, but sometimes I’m like a dog who doesn’t know either how big he is or how old. This was a small challenge. My efforts were not very consistent and more rambling than poetry but I had my fun as I tend to do. 😉 Always welcome! I wonder what you were thinking ten years ago about your life in ten years… Any thoughts on that?

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      1. Seems like a lifetime ago. In the interim I have gained two sons-in-law, three grandchildren and one super fluffy dog. I left a job I hated, gained a lifestyle I love. I don’t think I foresaw any of that. Aging can bring good things.

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        1. Ooo! That’s plenty and all of it excellent by the sound of it. 🙂 Good to hear. Even though I’m not sure how I’m going to do all that. 😉 (Not that I have to, just kidding around.)

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