A good heart

The recent visit to Massa Marittima with my visiting parents who leave tomorrow brought about the following poem for the May round of the A and I Poetry Challenge

First the three photos of the lovely find on which my poem is based, since this month’s challenge invites us to write a poem using a photograph as inspiration.

A good heart

I wear my heart
on the windowsill,
some hang it out to dry.

Just a few steps more
and it would have stayed
blocked from our views
but mother saw it
and said:
Look at that heart.

The heart of the town
that looks as if parts of Siena
were emptied just for us
is alive and well.
From now on
it shall carry a piece of mine.

And I’d take
the dry
sun-kissed heart
of Massa Marittima,
stuff it with a pillow
and sleep
of the time
when everything
was still all right
with the world.

Well spotted, mother.

A and I Poetry Challenge

And here are some more photos of my heart and the two gifts that my parents had made as a surprise for my birthday: a collection of my April NaPoWriMo poems in two books! My first book babies, yeah! I will be able to keep them even should all electronic devices just evaporate one day. That will be fun.

Thank you for the gifts, the visit and the memories. ❤

26 thoughts on “A good heart

  1. You and your family have the best gift giving ideas. How wonderful to have a book of your poems! The final stanza is perfect and I so enjoyed the wordplay of “the heart of the town”.

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  2. It sounds like Siena did take a piece of heart! And why not? It looks very romantic especially with the blue shutters and traditional lampshade.
    To collect your poems in a book is a fantastic idea! What a wonderful treat! And I feel a little bit famous to be in print if only with my Poetry Challenge photo. I hope Ineke is equally as chuffed!
    Thanks for participating. You have made my day with your words and your books!

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    1. Oh, Amanda, I’m glad to hear that this made your day. 🙂 A little bit famous is right!

      The poem is a result of a visit to Massa Marittima, a town about 60 km southwest of Siena (see previous post for more photos from there). Siena did steal a piece of my heart several times before, but it’s extremely crowded, which makes it feel like an amusement park. In comparison, Massa Marittima was an ocean of beauty and calm. And then we found this heart too.

      As I said before, thank you and your challenge for spurring me along to poem some more.


      1. I have not visited Siena butI have heard it is beautiful! Sorry to hear that it is very crowded. This place in the other hand looks serene and peaceful, the sort of place where you could sit and spend an afternoon reading a book with a refreshing drink or glass of wine, maybe

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  3. I love the photos of the heart pillow hanging on the clothesline – the ubiquitous clotheslines of Italy!
    … but the books stole the show. What a lovely and thoughtful gift! You’re a published author!! 🙂👍

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  4. Love your poetry – and your wonderful gifts! Your family is fantastic, imaginative, innovative and thoughtful♥♥♥ And wow – to have your own book ! x2! (Not at all jealous….)You are so well worth it!

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