Day one: Secrets

Challenge 1: “Write a poem that is based on a secret shame, or a secret pleasure.”

April 1st

To disclose
a secret shame
a secret pleasure.
A sure plea.
If not for help
then for attention.

What to say
what to admit?
There is so much.

Every full moon
I meet other beasts.
We run
we kill.
The next morning
I wash my hair.

I know all the plants
of Monte Argentario.
Some I use for cooking.
It’s suspicious
when I want to cook.
Usually he cooks.

I get two F’s on the same day.
I tell a friend who struggles in school.
She tells her mother.
Her mother tells my mother.
Mom says “Isn’t it sad,
she resorted to such a lie
to make herself look better.”
I nod.

I could say:
Luck has it
that today is April 1st
and none of the above is true.

Couldn’t I.


28 thoughts on “Day one: Secrets

      1. When I confessed one day to not understanding poetry, someone told me that what really matters is how the reader chooses to interpret the words. I’m sticking with that interpretation – it works for me 🙂

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        1. Ha!!!! And I must say, are we to believe you now when you say you lie???? As to Joanne’s comment, sometimes a poem means even more than the one who wrote it knows. It is up to the reader to let them know that.

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    1. Heheh, SMSW, interesting is good in more ways than not. 😀 I liked jumping on that wagon. I didn’t see it coming.

      I hope you had lovely holidays. There is new snow in New York and Great Britain, I wonder about you and all the melting that must occur now.

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