Day two: Drama

Challenge 2: “Write a poem that plays with voice.” This one turned out more dramatic than poetic. Sorry. The voices won over.

Just another day in Maremma

That olive tree.
Was it always this thick?
It’s as if…
as if it had eyes.

Olive tree:
Don’t mind me.
I’m just an olive tree.

Girl, turning abruptly:
But I can feel its eyes
on my back.

It’s a rabbit.
It’s always a rabbit.
So pesky
and can peek
under the coat
better than I.


Shut up, bestia.
If you don’t know
I’m not going to tell you.
You wouldn’t even know
if there was a…
a man
hugging the trunk
of that olive,
wouldn’t you?

A man?

A MAN? (He always wonders
in capital letters.)

Trunk-hugging man:
Ahh, wait till I post this
on Instagram.

Girl, pulling the skirt down:
I could swear
there was someone there.
But Bestia is not alarmed.

Dog, looking the other way:

Olive tree:

Dog pulls
horse whinnies
girl falls
man clicks.

Olive tree:
Who says
nothing ever happens
in Maremma?


26 thoughts on “Day two: Drama

        1. Oh sure! That’s the plan, by all means. The first time I’m doing it this year. And I only decided three days ago. 🙂 I just felt an urge! Thank you for the encouragement and all the nice words. ❤


  1. A very funny poem — I loved it! I can almost feel the fear of the eyes in the olive tree, and the rabbit looking under the coat more easily than the horse! Very creative!

    Liked by 1 person

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