Thursday Doors, 8/3/18: Women’s Day, part 1

Women, ladies, friends. Unite and take over.

Usually, I don’t look people between their legs, certainly not upon the first meeting. I’m happiest if I read an excellent book or story or see a stunning photograph but don’t know the gender of the writer or photographer because it doesn’t come up. Clearly, for quality it is irrelevant.

And yet, observing this world and what it has become, it’s not hard to conclude that something major has to change. And it is changing, the question is just if fast enough.

Waiting for the anima to take over, while two (male) beasties are breathing down my neck, I surround myself with glorious women, the more so the older I get. I don’t set out to do it, we just find each other (usually online or we have known each other in person for a while). And I can see many of them are saying the same thing.

I must add here that this doesn’t mean men are either not welcome, not appreciated, scrutinised, or automatically blamed for the state of the world. They just need to listen more. With women it’s easier. They do.

Since today is March the 8th, International Women’s Day that used to be a big deal in Yugoslavia, this is the first part of my thank you to some of the strongest, gentlest, coolest, smartest women that I know, starting with my mother. I often say that I’ve been exceptionally lucky to be born near her. Then my sister arrived in the same lucky boat. Before us, there were our loving and loved grandmothers, and after us… As the graffiti goes: “Sorry mom, no grandchildren”.

And this being Thursday, it’s only proper to dedicate each door to one woman. The second part, which will come next week, is a necessity or it would be just too many photos for one post. There might even be a third.

Today each door may be posted with a specific woman in mind – see the captions, it might be you – but there is one truth that holds for all of you, always:

If you think a door might be for you, it is.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

63 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 8/3/18: Women’s Day, part 1

      1. I did read them. Enjoyed them. You have many female connections that sound so enriching and are interesting people, it is a tribute to you, I think! But I didn’t catch it, do you mean you put me in your list??!!

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        1. Yes! That is what I thought! a house that I would make in clay or paint, and also like it was growing right out of the earth where it stood (I mean the one in real life, not in my future painting or clay)

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  1. Love this post – there is no end to your creativity! A door for each of your friends on women’s day – what a great idea. And fun for your friends that you use no names…making it a guessing game as well. Salute to you and your creativity!

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    1. Leya, thank you. Would you believe it that not a single one has claimed her door yet? 😮 Either they don’t read captions or they are too mysterious. Next week part 2 and you are on the list! 😉


  2. Celebrate yourself – great advice! I know this sounds very naive, but I often wonder if the world wouldn’t be more peaceful with women leaders. I mean, can you imagine women presidents playing the nuclear button macho game?? I somehow can’t, though women do come in all shapes and sizes, but still. We are not machos. Are we?

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    1. Mhhh, naive or not, something will have to give. It should be about collaboration. I don’t know why people can’t simply realise not all are good for everything equally. As for world leadership – money has no gender but is a green bastard. But tell me, SMSW, will you be the first to claim your door? Out of 20 no one has yet! 😮 Are the captions too mysterious?

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  3. Some stunning doors there…lots to like. I think at first glance, the stand out one for me is the one with the egyptian head ornamnet on it. Something a bit different.

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  4. It truly is one of the most empowering things to recognize the line of strong women before us, always starting with our mothers, and then the circle of those around us. It’s so soothing to have a sister and a best friend who listen, somehow men can’t come close to that special kind of mental intimacy 😉 p.s.: Such charming doors! I admit these posts are sort of starting to open my eyes for the ones near me 🙂

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  5. Oh my, there it is, so obvious! I was caught up with wondering where Giglia is, it sounds like a beachy island I would probably like, but I didn’t have time to google it. Thank you!!!! And you certainly chose the right door for me! I can only imagine the house, no, villa of course, behind those doors. It has a lush garden partly in the shade, and once you walk a few steps on the garden stones so carefully laid on the lawn, there is a swimming pool. I’ll be sitting there drinking my fruit smoothie saying cin cin to you and bestia 😉

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    1. Yes, yes, exactly like this. 🙂 Isola del Giglio is the closest island to me, 45 min from Porto Santo Stefano by ferry. And this Porto is some half an hour away. Costa Concordia sank close by. It’s time this island is remembered for nicer things.

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  6. A perfectly timely theme for this week’s doors post. In the developed world we are slowly making progress; not fast enough I know, but I choose to be encouraged by what I see despite that.
    In the developing world there is still a long way to go. It’s scary to think there are still places where girls are kept at home instead of going off to school with their brothers, just because their girls… *shakes head and shudders*

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    1. Thank you, Norm. March 8th fell on a good day. 🙂 We might be making progress regarding women, but tripping on everything else. You’re right about the last, not nearly everywhere is the same. This reminds me of what a Serbian radio presenter said in the 80’s: “Today, someone is as happy as can be: he found a parking space. Someone else is the saddest of them all: he was told his newborn was a girl.”

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  7. This is the BEST post ever! What a wonderful idea to dedicate a door to someone 💕 This is an idea we should all embrace at some point during the year.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for my own door! I particularly like the FUCK on the door … not that I’ve ever said that at some point on the trail 😉
    But my favourite, favourite, favourite is the last photo and your caption that we must never forget to celebrate ourselves. As women we can be so guilty of not doing that nearly often enough – or ever ❤️

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    1. Hihihi, I love this response, Joanne. ❤ Makes it all worthwhile. I'm glad that you see the same written on the door, I wasn't fully sure. 😀 That would be great if all people went around dedicating their doors to people. Everybody can post blank doors! 😀 😀 Thank you for the chuckle, now and every time. Let's celebrate!


  8. Aw! I love the flowery Tuscan door and hope it’s for me 🙂
    I love the premise of this post, the idea of celebrating women via doors. I sometimes hate to admit it, for fear of hurting the men, but I share your opinions. There may be many fine men in this world, but I’ve only known a few, whereas I meet spectacular women on the regular. No matter how wonderful a man is, he’s not a woman. I’m sure that goes both ways.
    And I love the way you celebrated yourself — last, but included. Lovely post, Manja ❤

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    1. Oh Joey, but of course it is. 🙂 Well, I can see how telling a man “you’re wonderful but you’re not a woman” wouldn’t be met with a cheer. 😀 Even though I agree with the equal rights for all, I could never claim that we are equal. Obviously nature has made us different for more than one reason. Also, it sounds sad that you’ve only known a few fine men and that for fear of hurting the men we don’t tell the truth: it’s a question of being civilised, of suppressing the urges (no matter how natural), it’s culture. And culture is almost totally gone from this world.


  9. Beautiful doors, Manja! do you make them by night and photograph them by day?)) and wonderful thoughts on women’s importance in today’s world.
    I loved to fck-door with the guy stretching in front 🙂 makes it a story 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Marina (or I can keep calling you Mex :D). The majority of these I have posted already, and until I take some new photos I’m going to make compilations like this. It makes me happy. 🙂 That guy stretching – for an Italian he is quite outdoorsy. Hahhah.

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      1. Both Marina and Mex work perfectly for me 😊
        It is a lovely mode to recycle those pretty images))
        Italians are only known for wineglass-lifting, so that guy must be a rare champion, no? 😆😆

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