WPC: The story of dog walking

Today pictures and captions tell almost all the story.

These cats were photographed on many different occasions since last September until today. All seem to reside on #19. In the meantime the young ones have grown. Much fun in determining who has become who.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Story

50 thoughts on “WPC: The story of dog walking

    1. Hahhah, dog’s story must be next! 😀 I’ll see what I can do. Thanks, RayNot! (Not exactly next, but one of these days. I hope. I’m soooo lazy. :p You stop eating sugar and you are left without energy.)

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      1. haha yeah, the most horrible time – first 3 weeks when u stop eating sugar. Then you get used to it. Eat some chocolate tho 🙂
        Lazy is worse than anything. Even worse than sugar haha
        cool, we need some good-old-dog story :))

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  1. This is absolutely delightful!!! Thanks so much for sending the link. How in the world did you get the photos of six cats together??? Well, other than at my house, that is. Were they a collection of neighborhood cats, do you think, or did they all belong to one person? Trying to list my favorite photo.. but htere are so many. Certainly, the shot of the black cat has to be right up there..the “Say what?” shot.. wonderful. And the first shot of the gray cat. I know how long these multiple-photo story posts take. A+, Manja.

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    1. Ahh, thanks, Judy, I’m glad you came to see. 🙂 I pass by this house often and they are always there in a smaller or larger number. I’m sure they are fed by the cat lady living there. The six of them appeared just how I said: first one, then the second one etc. after I’d passed with bestia. I turned around and watched them appear one by one. So cute.


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