Thursday Doors, 15/3/18: Women’s Doors, part 2

I continue my celebration of worthy women by way of doors, which I started last week. And it’s not the end.

Not only will there be part 3, an all-male doors post is coming up too.

Credit where credit is due: there are certain shout-outs that have to be made, considering that you, online friends and bloggers, provide my (almost only) contact with the outside word on a daily basis. In my opinion, the key for a satisfied life is the selection of who you surround yourself with.

Last week’s post was without (m)any names but I thought about it and I’ve realised that for a blogger to not include a pingback is worth less than a pat on the back. Apparently I was a bit too mysterious and women didn’t recognise themselves. 😀

Since I think that all of you would benefit by knowing who I am shouting out to, this time I’m giving out names. It’s on you to connect each of the names with their door.

But first, these are the women who got a door last Thursday (that is, the ones who blog). Each link leads to a favourite post.

And now to today’s dedications. (Do you also have a feeling that I like to people-manage? Better than people-watch! :D)

First the doors with the captions, and then the names listed at the end for you to play matchmaking.

Thank you all, including all the ones not featured (yet), for being my own representation of humanity. You can tell what a great world I’m having.

And here as promised is the alphabetic list of blogs run by these women (those who do). Even though the third part will follow, there is no way I could include all that I visit more or less regularly. Thank you to everybody!

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

71 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 15/3/18: Women’s Doors, part 2

    1. Oh, Sunny Days, that’s the literal translation indeed. You can study all sorts of things there: languages (I studied English), history, geography, comparative literature, and also philosophy, to name but a few. The official translation of it is Faculty of Arts though.

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  1. Thank you for the shout out, Manja! Glad to have this contact 🙂 And the doors are wonderful and sunny again! Gonna run now for the class, and come back, and watch each of them in detail. so far – people-watch is a dangerous thing, hehe.

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    1. Hahhaa, thanks, Fabrizio. This happened because I was in doubt whether it was a shark or a whale in original quotation. HIhiihhi, I see you share amore’s distrust of French cars… Mine took me to Crete for a month without a mishap. Perservare will take you places. 😉

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  2. Awesome stuff! We got another 20 cms of snow yesterday so if you don’t mind, my fave for this week is going to be the one from inside looking out onto the water. I need something to remind me that summer will come again 😀

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  3. I just love your door dedications. The why you’ve selected it is just as important as the door itself 💕

    As usual, you have the best selection of doors. I love the ‘bubble’ door you called badass, and I read “Chat Place” as French first before I realized it might also be English 🙂

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      1. Yes I think it was the door from ur Italian posts I mean I’ve seen it before :).
        Probably I even wrote about that post or the door. But I can’t say what exactly right now :/ my visual memory sucks. 😂
        Same with the faces….I don’t know my neighbors bcz I’m not sure if they r my neighbors lol I recognize the faces of only 3 families that’s all 😅 but not their kids…kids r more difficult. They growing up & their faces r changing

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    1. Interesting, Joey. Do you believe that the door did this itself? Not a painter? 😮 The woman who this door is for wrote to me to tell me that it was just perfect and that it was simple but also hard to make. I love that. Thank you!

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      1. I do. I think it’s weathered most at the bottom and least at the top, due to rain. Is it not a natural phenomenon? Someone designed it that way? Impressive either way.

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  4. Oh, I see you’ve found me a bad-ass door! Wish I could have it shipped over and attached to my apparently-too-permeable house. Thanks for the shout-out and the usual wonderful assortment of doors!

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  5. This is wonderful! And I’m so honoured and touched by your kindness. I spent the day in the hospital. It was supposed to be a relatively simple surgical procedure, insertion of a PICC line in preparation for the start of chemo on Monday. Unfortunately I reacted badly and am now very sick and stuck in bed again. They say it should be a bit better in 24 hours but it’s rather hellish at the moment. And then I found your post in an email on my phone. You made me smile, as you have so many times before. I love my door. Thank you.

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  6. Wow – I’m honoured! And what a list! You always deliver remarkable doors… and they’re even better with thoughtful dedications. Thank you so much! And yes, the coastline view TOTALLY cheered me up 🙂

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  7. Writing you from my other blog – had some problems with my comments not getting through, and saw the one I attempted to make at last Thurs. Doors didn’t make it either – loved your post by the way. Here I like the door of the lady who just got burglarized – unusual and sturdy (which would be important to her). How nice to be driven around:) Like the tiles of your previous living place -so vibrant!

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    1. Oh, Junieper, I’m sorry for that lost comment. Thank you, always. I especially like what you say about my previous house. I rarely miss it because over here it’s just great but there were some good times there as well.


  8. Wow, you hit it out of the park again with this lovely tribute of door, and women!

    I read chat place in French then English. 🙂

    I loved that courtyard with wide arched doors to your favorite bookshop. I loved the light and shadows, and the framing. Perfect Chiaroscuro lighting! 🙂

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  9. Finally I’m here! Starting to catch up with the friend-list just now :O Sorry, life has been crazy lately and I have been dead-tired…it’s the worst time of the year for me, as I’m very allergic to pollens and, other than sneezing all the time, I’m completely “senza forze” (without energy) * sigh *

    Awww, am I the pizza door!? That’s so cool, thank you very much <333 And no, there's no such thing as too much pizza, haha! Thank you so much for the kind words, as well! And let's hope we can meet soon!

    "In my opinion, the key for a satisfied life is the selection of who you surround yourself with" – I can relate so much! Some years ago I had to get rid of some toxic people and now my life is better, even though I turned a little bit in a lone wolf. Better a lone wolf than a miserable and bitter person because of other people who are there just to drag you down. Some of my relatives do not agree on this approach, but I can say I'm such more balanced and serene now. I have few friends, but I know I can totally trust them. I have also learned to trust my instincts and "first impressions" more, as, in my case, are trustworthy.

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    1. Yeah, Sara! I’m glad you’re back and hopping around my blog. I wish it can give you a bit of extra strength and a chuckle and happy sigh or two. 🙂

      Of course, the pizza door is for you. 😉 I believe that freedom is in being able to choose our friends and company, and if we listen to our feelings and read the signs, we are able to live a better life.

      I wish you calmer times ahead and to shake hands and smile together sooner or later. 🙂

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