This is not Provence

Lavender is Provence, poppies are Tuscany.

Every time I see a lavender field (usually in a photo, only once I saw it around here), I’m reminded of how often Slovenians mistake Tuscany in Italy for Provence in France, or vice versa. In Slovenian they are called “Provansa” and “Toskana”, both with the stress on the penultimate “a”, maybe that’s why.

Here are two examples that illustrate that:

1. Mom’s friend in Slovenia: “Oh, you live in Tuscany! I also travelled around France a lot, especially when I was in Alicante.” (He made a nice mess. Alicante is in Spain.)

2. A Slovenian friend upon arrival on her first visit: “Let’s see your famous fields of lavender then.”

So any sign of lavender brings out a chuckle. This photo was taken in the town called Tuscania. Which is not in Tuscany but in Lazio. There might be some lavender around but poppies definitely win.

P.S. I have checked out the establishment on display only now and am not endorsing anything, especially unseen. But they have treehouse suites. 😮

Which reminds me of a nice mess around a blogger, pardon, influencer, who wished to spend a free holiday in a Dublin hotel in return for a (positive) blog post, and was not only denied and exposed but the manager also sent her a (fake) bill for free publicity. Have you read about it? Apparently the manager is now sorry to see all the negativity in her face as a result (even though he never named her) and tweeted: “Insult me all you like, but leave the girl alone. She fucked up. She’s learnt her lesson. The end.”

Now… do you feel… influenced? 😉

30 thoughts on “This is not Provence

  1. Here in Northern California lavender also grows wild, especially up in the Wine country. Right now it’s dormant but our weather is heating up so… pretty soon! I don’t currently feel influenced by anyone but who knows. I’d probably be the last to know.

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  2. Lovely lavender color and I can see why one woild confuse Tuscany and Provence. If you remove the border, isn’t it pretty much the same though? Like prosecco and cava (yes I’m mixing Spain into this, too!)
    Btw, must tell you what I just remembered: you were in my dream last night!!!! You just walked by nonchalantly and said something to me, like “talk to you later” or something else, and it looked like you were going to water a plant or make some tea or something! Hmm. Wonder what your tarot cards would say of that??!!
    Anyway, also wanted to say that I read about that blogger thing. This is one of the reasons why people look at me long and raise an eyebrow if I mention I have a blog. They think I’m (trying to be) THAT kind of blogger! I feel like we should have a different name for what we are doing over here in the lovely WP community of creative and talented hobby bloggers, vs those sponsored types! 😲

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    1. Aaaa, I don’t wish to be nonchalant, not even in your dreams! If I didn’t smile at you, it wasn’t me! 😉

      But now I’ll say very nonchalantly that there is the entire Italian region of Liguria between the two! Hihi.

      And tarot is one thing (which I don’t know), but my game is tarok. 😉 It’s more like bridge and has nothing to do with fortunetelling. But I like it how you mix things, this world is for mixing it up!!

      I at least hope that I made some tea for you too… ❤

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    1. Since I added the tag “influencer” to this post (on purpose), I immediately got three of them liking it. I think it’s such a sad existence, this kind of blogging. Or at least it would be for me. I prefer to ripple, slightly, almost unperceptively, but we are all better for it.

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  3. Ironically, I am on-line right now ordering my favorite, authentic lavender oil and having the most difficult time finding it. Stressing over running out of my de-stresser!

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      1. It is French, and it was sold at one time, in one U.S. locale, but now they are no more. I am waiting to hear back from them to see if they can get me more! Love the stuff and have found nothing like it anywhere. It is pure, and not medicinal in smell. Feeling spoiled…but gotta have it!

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  4. I want to stay in a treehouse suite! That would be sweet. I remember encountering lavender plants the size of hedges in southern England and the smell! Oh, so heavenly.

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    1. I can imagine, Susanne. My parents have some lavender plants in their garden in Piran, Slovenia. I have never been in a treehouse or walked in a lavender field, I only saw one from the car. So many things, so little time…


  5. That looks beautiful. I’ve always wanted to go to a lavender field in France. I’ve been to two here in No. California.

    I read about that blogger/hotel mgr. I think less about the mgr than the blogger. Public shaming her on social media is nasty. I don’t like it.

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    1. Thanks, Deborah. Interesting. I think more of the manager. Before the influencers he zeroed in on the vegans and the glutose intolerant (without a real condition). He is a man on the mission. 😀 Also, he did everything to conceal her identity and never named her, it was her who did a vlog on the subject in the first place. The entire matter brought her much more exposure than him, which is obviously the only thing that matters in their world. I’m so glad I’m not a part.

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  6. I must proudly say I have my countries and flowers (and drinks and cities) properly sorted out, but that’s because I have studied maps since I was a little girl. I even know that Slovenia and Slovakia are different countries – haha (the biggest mistake I often hear about the Slov- countries)!

    Influencers – ugh. I’ve been asked (and I’m not even that plugged in) but it seems like a slippery slope and not one I want to fall down. I’ll have to check out your link to the story.

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    1. My link leads to his blog and his perspective. For some reason I prefer his to hers. :p The Slovenia and Slovakia distinction is for die-hards. 😉 Both have very similar not just the names, but also the languages, the coats-of-arms and the flag. Well done! 🙂

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  7. I don’t have any trouble discerning Provence from Tuscany, but I’m a visual person. I was recently asked if Denmark is in Canada. I tried pretending I didn’t hear that.
    I’d never ask for a freebie, but I’d take all offers. On the one hand, my mother taught me the worst that could happen is people say no, but free accommodations in a hotel is a well beyond, “May I borrow that book?” or “Can I have get some more jam?” Maybe her mother didn’t teach similar differences.
    The picture is beautiful, and I admire it 🙂 I love lavender, and my house, especially my bedroom smells of it, but I prefer the plant from afar.

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    1. Thank you, Joey. Slovenians have a proverb: Who saves on tongue, goes hungry on the bread. However… as you say, free accommodation is something else. This influencer case is just such a good symbol of the times we live in. You mean to say that you take all offers as a blogger? As in, taaaaake this cream and eye-shadow and then, you know, mention it.

      Which remind me, HOW MUCH DID THE RUSSIANS PAY? Hhihih. Imagine – with doors, how many possibilities. 😉 (Saying that as a worst case example. That kind of blogging is the last thing I wish for myself.)

      I think we’re good and we’re the lucky ones.

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      1. No, I’ve never been paid in relationship to my blog. But when offered freebies, I take freebies.

        That’s a great saying, about the bread. I love bread.

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        1. LOL There is no hope I can even read that right in my head, but I’m sure it sounds beautiful off your tongue 🙂
          Strada is bread? Spara is spare? Kdor is Who?

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