Thursday Doors, 1/2/18: Ljubljana

Here is the hot and cold, good and bad, day and night, fancy and punk that is Ljubljana and its doors.

But first an urgent notice: I cannot comment! 😮 On other people’s blogs, that is, on my own I can.

This is not exactly true either: out of eight blogs or so where I tried to comment in the last 13 hours (well, most of this time I was sleeping), there is only one that shows my comments as they happen. All other blogs seem to swallow my words!

(If you have chosen the option to approve each comment manually, it usually says that the comment waits for approval. Now it doesn’t say a thing, my comment just vanishes.)

I give you the winner: it’s Dan at No Facilities. Only there I’m allowed to comment, so far! Investigation is in course.

In the meantime, I ask Norm and Joanne to please go and see if my comments to their Thursday Doors went to spam, but I’m afraid they haven’t. It’s more wicked than that. If you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean they are not after you. 😮

Today’s doors follow this state of mind: something good, followed by something bad, but what if it’s good, but what if it’s bad. Ljubljana, Slovenia, in a nutshell.

I try to comment at Joey’s and then I post.

Nope. 😦

Does anybody else have such problems, now or ever? (Look at me finishing a blog post with a question.)

ADD-IT: After a brief chat with a couple of Akismet engineers and some tweaks that they made in record time, now it appears to be back to normal. If you have any problems whatsoever, try it, the WordPress help function often delivers.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

55 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 1/2/18: Ljubljana

  1. I feel bad for the others, but I’m glad your comments came through at my place. I have had comment problems (on my phone) where every comment I try to make takes me to Linda G. Hill’s blog. I always have to delete all the WordPress saved passwords to correct that.

    You pushed a lot of my door buttons today. I like old worn doors, doors on angled corners and beautiful wooden doors. My favorite is the doors at Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts. but so many others are tied for a close second.

    Good luck with WordPress.


    1. Hm, Dan. This one went to spam in my place! 😮 I don’t know what is happening but I sure hope it settles soon. I might inquire within the tech help. I’m glad you enjoy this collection and that I got to read and save your comment.

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        1. It has! After just a few lines of chat with Akismet people. I only had to send in one example of my blocked comment and the blog post where it should land. I just hope that I can still comment over there on your blog! 🙂

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    1. Oh you did, RayNot? Right now or some time ago? Is it fixed for you now – obviously yes, since you’re commenting here. :p I hope too even though it’s still the same. I saw your blog’s new image but am waiting to be able to comment!


  2. Tall green door is interesting…is it just a painted image on the building? Regarding your comments…I’ve had the single incident where my complete comment did not post…and it looks quite riduculous. Trying to fix now. Good luck with this issue.

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    1. Thanks, Denny. You mean up above on the wall, looking from the inside? Yes, I think it’s just a paint job. When did you have this incident? In the last few days? Oh well… I hope it goes back to normal soon.

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  3. Hmmm, you don’t have a comment on either my blog or in my spam folder, so I can’t give you any feedback. As usual, you have a lovely array of doors. I think my favorite this week, for it’s uniqueness if nothing else, is the free-standing door with the bike in front of it and the lights. Good luck on the commenting. That must be quite frustrating.


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  4. So today is also No Comment Thursday 🙂 I didn’t notice anything with the comments. I didn’t try commenting yet. So far so good 🙂
    I am amazed at how many doors you find in the same city 🙂 my favorite is an open door with a guy relaxing by the table. Wanna go there and sit next to him 🙂

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  5. Awesome collection as always. The World Trade Centre one speaks to me. I think it’s the combination of lines and colours.
    Sorry to hear you’re now experiencing what I’ve been going through – it is truly a PITA 😦
    Yes your three attempts to comment today all ended up caught in my spam filter. I just flagged them as “Not Spam” so if you want to try again…it should be fixed. *Finger crossed*

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    1. Yes, I see my comment under your post just fine now, thanks, Norm. Have you ever had a chat with Akismet people? They made a tweak (they said) in no time and now it’s all good, or at least it seems. I hope you solve your problems too. And thanks for enjoying my doors!


  6. The door on Miklošičeva Street caught my eye – it’s interesting because it looks a lot like some of the older prettier residential buildings over here look like (downtown). But over here, it wouldn’t have the little green squares, so I couldn’t stop staring at the squares!

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  7. Yes! I’m having issues posting…for several days now. Is it a ploy I am wondering to get us to upgrade and spend more money than we have? I’m always a skeptic.

    How I wish I could stop and post on each image that you post! The little Angels or Cupids…I love them, the yellow house with the wonderful Portico….SWOON!

    Why do you keep closing a blog and opening another one? Am I facing this choice when I’ve posted too much content on the “free” blog”?

    I want unlimited photos and words!

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    1. Oh, Deborah, you’re always welcome to comment under individual photos as well, I’d be glad! Thank you so much.

      Issues posting comments or posting posts? If it’s comments, talk to the Akismet help, which does our spam control, they were so fast and efficient, I’m impressed.

      Yes, the free blog has limits. My first lasted 2.2 years and my second 1.5 years. Obviously I keep posting more and more photos. :p But really I don’t mind a breath of fresh air that a new blog and a new theme bring. After the third – what then? This is the question… you only get three free blogs.


      1. Wow, I’ve had my free blog double your first blog and I have a lot more space according to my master on WP.
        I suppose that’s because I only post a few images at a time, and because I’m not a writer; not so many words.
        I’ve been contemplating splurging on an upgrade with unlimited words and photos that allows video too for a year or so. That may be the way I go in the future, or not. I’m not as creative as you are. One blog will have to do. A new theme/ photography project? That thought scares me! I’m way more literal and ridged in my thinking…not left brained or right brained…not stupid, but not bright either. Mediocre. That’s how I see me in all things. Mediocre.
        A 52 week project of my choice is my limit. I may shoot something daily, but not for a challenge or contest. I don’t have the will, discipline, or imagination for that.


        1. I’m not liking that! 😉 Mediocre is a terrible word! I don’t see you like that at all. For example, I never did a 52-week project, that thought scares me! I’m not nearly as consistent. Also, I rarely if ever take photos after I learn of a contest theme – instead I use photos that I have already. And I have many just because I keep snapping away all the time. 😀

          The point is that we are all different and it’s good this way. No use comparing. I’m glad you’ve still got much space but if it calms you, splurge away. 🙂

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        2. 🙂 I wish you were here I give you the biggest hug! Isn’t it the most horrible word ever. Mediocre. Sigh. Oh God, I’m going to cry. Again. And crying is the last resort for me. Not easy.
          Yet, that’s me in a nutshell. Mediocre. I’m not the pianist I dreamt I’d be after 13 years of study and hours of daily practice for all those years, or the artist after a lifetime of study and practice. I worked and practiced, and studied hours a day for decades. I really have. Hours, and hours, and hours. Sacrificed so much time away from family. For what? I learned the hard way with great heart ache what mediocre is. For what? An average person trying so hard to be what they are not.
          Today I make noise on my piano because I love it, and I try to draw and paint because I want to. Just not very often, because it hurts too.
          But with my camera…ah, there’s something I’ve almost mastered. Sometimes I don’t miss the count of the notes, or light and I get it right and make a nice picture 🙂

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        3. Yeah, make some noise! 🙂 I hate it that somebody has convinced you you’re not “good enough”. Loving it and wanting to do it is all there is! In passion! Who has the authority to say anything anyway? What does it mean, to get it right? Okay, in music possibly, there are certain notes that you must hit. In photography there is nothing but the photographer. We never master anything completely, and life is a learning curve. I wish you much joy. ❤


  8. I think the chained doors are my favorite — not ugly in my eyes!

    I’m glad you got your comment consumption sorted. WP Help has always done right by me as well 🙂

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