WPC: Variations on a field

A confirmation that everything is cyclical always feels mighty good.

Back in my old bedroom I used to have four photos on the wall closest to bed. They depicted the same tree in four seasons: leaf-shedding, snow-covered, budding, lush. Upon moving to Italy almost five years ago, I immediately chose a tree, well, a big bush, and the exact location from where I shall take a photo each month all so.

I did. The photos looked quite identical.

This is another attempt but not a planned one. Only now I went through my archives and collected several photos of a field that I pass every working day on my way to the station. These days I carry my camera on most occasions. This means a lot of I’ll-delete photos that I never do. No wonder the field was represented enough for me to make this compilation.

An idea! This will be the first post of my new regular “variations” feature! Since I pass a lake too, another field with a stone house, and some cypresses. I have all of these photos gathered right here and their turn will come sooner or later. Yeah!

Here is the first. Let’s call it the Field. I suggest you click on the first photo and let’s run through the year, or better yet, five years, and come back to the green.

Photo: Manja Maksimovič

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Variations on a Theme

35 thoughts on “WPC: Variations on a field

  1. It’s a different version of changing seasons! It shows how remarkable the change is in one location from month to month. The explosion of red is gorgeous … the brown, not so much. That’s what we have right now – a landscape of brown.

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        1. Well, it’s the same spring. Ours just starts earlier. In fact, we are a go. I walked under a blooming mimosa tree today and its yellow branches with strong smell told me it’s here. 🙂

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  2. A brilliant idea and beautiful field! WOW I hope the red poppies are wonderful and lush this year for you. June 2015 looks like the Wild Mustard and maybe wild radish wanted a turn to shine. 🙂

    I wish I had such a field to pass by everyday.

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    1. Thank you, Deborah. What I didn’t say is that poppies move around! If not this field, they will be found around the corner, or another corner. It’s the same with sunflowers – every year a surprising view somewhere else. And I see you know your plants! 🙂 There are other fields that I pass, and a lake, and I’ll make similar compilations for them in the future.

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  3. Such a great idea of following nature through the seasons! I loved how unexpectedly blue it can be, such a nice shot! And those poppies – popping even more – they stole my heart. I would love to fall into that field and see the sky from under the poppies *dreamy emoji*

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    1. Oh, Mex, good to see you here! I read your Canet del Mar post just earlier but haven’t commented yet what lovely doors you found. ❤ But I will. 🙂 Thanks, the poppies are really a joy for the eyes. Here are two more posts with them from my two previous blogs, and you'll see that I did lie among them. 😀



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      1. Thank you, dear! I had my era of door infatuation, so there will be more 😉
        Ah, what is better than poppies? More poppies! Lucky you to lie under them 🙂 such a happy experience it must be (in my imagination. If you are not eaten up by bugs 😆)

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      2. I just got my fingers to the pc where I could open your links – and those poppy fields are an eternal joy to the eye. The grounded series are fun 🙂 Interesting perspective on things :)))

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