January 2017

The quintessential moment. An existential crisis. I’m going straight to hell.

No, not because I’ve chosen twelve apostles – 12 photos – to represent January 2017 in my new calendar, and forsaken all the remaining images dear to my heart that by now must be sulking in the corner and crying.

Not because judging from the selection I obviously prefer buildings to people. And Ljubljana to Tuscany (gasp). But this is not true. I might have spent only one January week in Slovenia but every time I return, especially to my birth town Ljubljana, I’m enjoying it as an outsider who just happens to be discovering it and can’t quite believe her eyes.

So why the fear of eternal damnation? Why speaking of the devil?

I have changed reality. I have toyed with the world as is.

In one photo, for the first time ever, I have erased a pole jutting from the roof.

And nothing will ever be the same.

Welcome to January 2017. The rest of the year will follow by months.

29 thoughts on “January 2017

      1. The camera does seem to have that effect. I find myself doing things I normally wouldn’t do without the camera. When last in Connecticut, I chased after a herd of cows grazing in a pasture; they were on the other side of an electric fence, and I was a little too close to that fence. Ah, the adrenaline rush was fantastic. I felt like a reporter on assignment. Tee-hee. 🙂

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        1. Hehe, I can just imagine. Better like a reporter than like an assassin. Just recently while trying to get an object into a grid intersection, I recalled the times when I practised air rifle shooting (for school). 😀 Hold your breath, align and shoot! No wonder that in photography we “shoot” too. :p And such a peace-loving creature as I!

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  1. Haha! I think erasing a pole is okay. It’s not even in the old testament and I’ve never heard it discussed in houses of worship!
    I love the photo of what we would call sea oats. The fluffy seed heads wavering over the water. Lovely.
    Also fond of dog & orange. I enjoy outdoor symphony very much, and that’s a wonderful dramatic shot, all that red and black.

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    1. Thanks, Joey, also for the term sea oats. I’d never know how to call them in English. The music at the moment of the red and black shot was their version of “Uprising” by Muse and it was wicked.

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