WPC: Weathered and abandoned

Blogging leads you places. For instance into an abandoned property hunt, the first in the family. 

They always let me choose where I wish to go on a trip, but this time my parents were not too amused.

“We are going where? To do what?” To the Slovenian-Italian border in search of an abandoned holiday complex, aaight?

I got the idea from a blog where it said that it’s bad form to disclose exact location of places like this one. So we will be all hush-hush about it. To add to the excitement. No matter how it’s clearly visible on Google Maps if you know where to look.

Which reminds me: my father has turned into a correspondent of Google Maps, Level six (correct?), which means that now you can find photos of bestia and me in Google Maps galleries of those locations close to my home which we visited together and where father took photos.

Today’s location is not included, of course, but father did take the last two photos in the gallery below. I think he was quite happy to see amore and me reappear after our very brief exploration – really, it lasted no longer than five minutes. Mom was even happier. But I think bestia was happiest of all.

The full story in the captions. This was just a start. For the next time I promise to take more time and steady my hands that were shaking in fear of something falling down and breaking my neck. But let me tell you… There were ghosts!

Photo: Manja Maksimovič + last two BM

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Weathered

18 thoughts on “WPC: Weathered and abandoned

  1. Reading led ME places – to Trieste once: It is the place where James Joyce made his living by teaching Aron Ettore Schmitz (who published under the pseudonym “Italo Svevo” / “A Swabian in Italy”) the english language. A journey that led me further to Dublin and into J’s past. But that’s another story.
    Thanks for the Windows by the way !!!

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    1. Ah, good that you got the windows, Matthias. I know about Joyce in Trieste but have yet to see his monument there. I didn’t know he was teaching Italo Svevo. Reading certainly leads and we gladly follow. 🙂 Thanks!


    1. Cheers, Maksi – indeed I didn’t know. So there’s a German-Italian-Slovenian connection not only by twinning Wiesbaden and Ljubljana but also by blogging about the Irishmen teaching a German English in Italy – coming mistakenly from Ljubljana. Nice story. (3 days after his day of death – by the way.)

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    1. Hehe, thanks, Fabrizio. “Trend”, right there with “ambitious”, is a word I hate with a passion. I’m not on Instagram but I can see everywhere that people like taking photos of doors. I’ll always remember the feeling I had when I encountered my first Thursday Doors post over at Norm’s some three years ago. Finally something I can relate to. 🙂

      As for police, yep, I hate them too. Better stay far away.

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