Lens-Artists PC: Soft balls

This is my cat collection from my first month in Slovenia for the new edition of Lens-Artists Photo Challenge on the subject of soft.

Even though I have a dog, I like cats because they know what it means to live in the present. 😉

The first cat photo story takes place in front of my parents’ house in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, at the exact trash container where we found our first dog almost 20 years ago (What? How did that happen?). Then we continue to Nova vas in Slovenian Istria near Croatia where we went for the garlic and wine festival and encountered a cat theme. The last two soft-fur-balls come from Piran on the coast where cats are plentiful and even have their own book.

For Lens-Artist Photo Challenge, hosted by Tina of travelsandtrifles.wordpress.com, Week 4: Soft

64 thoughts on “Lens-Artists PC: Soft balls

    1. Thank you, Tina. 🙂 I’m a dog person through and through, for me cats are almost like aliens. I don’t even know how to approach and if to pet them. 😉 Something tells me this is just how they like it.

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      1. just to let you know i’ve included your feature image for our weekly tummy rub tuesday blog roll with credit and link back to your own blog. So hopefully you’ll get some new visitors. 🙂

        And if you ever fancy doing a write-up for our blog let us know. 😀

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        1. Ooooops it’s not for today! I pre schedule them quite a few weeks in advance as it’s time consuming to produce. 🤣

          It was end of this month I think. 🤔

          Do you allow ping backs? If so you’ll get one when it goes live. Otherwise I’ll have to check the date for you. Sorry! 😡

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        2. No problem, I just assumed it was for this edition. 🙂 Yes, I allow ping-backs even though just yesterday I wasn’t notified of one from my friend. I guess WP is playing tricks again. 🙂 I hope I get yours when it’s time.

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    1. Thank you, Draco. 🙂 Glad to see you hop around my blog. I was searching for a cartoon of a cat in a box that mentions living in the present but couldn’t find it. These two were the best ones.


  1. I never understood the dog/cat dilemma. We’ve had dogs in our family for my entire life, but I simply love cats for their character, too… I could never chose between the two 😀 great photos btw! 🙂

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  2. When I was girl I had a black cat, and my son is a cat lover, and he had 3 while growing up. I’m really more a dog person though.

    I loved the cat Borut or Satan snoozing on the roof of that car. What a character!

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  3. Love the photos! I totally agree–cats do know how to live in the present. People have a few things to learn from cats. How to retract their claws, for example. How to mind their own business. How to eat only as much as they need to. The list goes on…

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  4. Ah, cats! I grew up with a temperamental black one that was the terror of the vet and of anyone she deemed too noisy. She was mostly nice to my sister and I, as long as we did what she commanded. I miss her 🙂

    – Verne

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      1. Indeed, we’ve been doing a lot of travelling!

        In fact, we have been (or will be shortly) to Austria, Hungary, Serbia and Croatia, almost enclaving Slovenia but regrettably not visiting it. We need to correct that 🙂

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        1. Ahhh, you have to indeed! 🙂 In case Croatia is still in the future and you make it all the way to Pelješac peninsula, there you find a little village of Duba with a lovely beach or two where I spent my childhood’s Augusts. Greet it for me. 🙂 (But it’s lovely everywhere by the sea.)

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