CFFC: Components of a Photo, week 2

This week for Cee’s challenge, instead of giving points to the photos according to their components like last week, I’ve chosen only two things that (nearly) all my photos have in common: sea inhabitants and a wall. 

First, here is Cee’s photo for Week 2 of her new Fun Foto Challenge series in which she invites people to post photos with the same components as there are in her photo:

Photo: Cee

I was immediately reminded of a variety of marine animals on walls that I keep acquiring. I always pay attention to them (and beasties in general, as we have established) and have collected some from Piran in Slovenia in this post on my previous blog.

While the ones on walls are repeated below, I’ve added some street art from Rome – including a fish quartet from the basilica in Eur – and some brand new sights from this summer.

At the end awaits (at least) one real-life mermaid who is not even on a wall but has made me add her. She is more wicked than all the predators.

I’m back on the coast after 3-day festivities in Ljubljana, and bestia was as ecstatic to see me as I will be this weekend when amore joins me for two weeks. Just need to decide which body part to wag.



25 thoughts on “CFFC: Components of a Photo, week 2

    1. Thank you, Cee! It’s a truly fun challenge. 🙂 I hope you don’t mind that I include your original photo each time. I say in the caption that it’s yours but some people don’t read captions.


    1. Ah, Emma, the octopus is not mine, it’s Cee’s original photo from the challenge, the one we were supposed to reply to. It says so under it and in the text. I hope not many others think that it’s one of mine.

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      1. I have joined a challenge group over on Flickr recently. It’s been ages since I’ve participated in any challenge groups. I hope I do enough not to get kicked out. Thems the rules…you have to participate at a certain level to remain. I get it.

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