Day 21: Narcissus

Challenge 21: “Try writing a poem that plays with the myth of Narcissus in some way.”

Again, thank you for introducing me to an excellent poet. I wish to draw your attention to Antoinette Brim who is responsible for today’s prompt. I find her Walmart Poem especially challenging.


(I’m going to borrow
from one of the greatest
because this is
what they all do
and when you happen
to come upon the original
– song, story idea, film –
you’re all:
“Oh! It’s a steal!”

Not just for this.
Also because this is
the greatest
and truest
Narcissus story.)

The pond
is sad.
Oh how sad the pond is.
And people understand.
Of course,
Narcissus just died.
And the pond
loved him
so much
for every day he came
to admire himself
upon its surface.

Alas, no more.

What they don’t know
is that the reason
why the pond is so sad
is that whenever
Narcissus was lying
on its flank
on its bank,
the pond was able
to look deep into
his eyes
and in the abysses
of his soul
saw its own

Alas, no more.

(The funny part?
When googling for
a nice photo of Oscar,
I found this same story
not much modified
ascribed to Paulo Coelho.)


And above is my pond, lake actually, in different seasons, just that I don’t watch myself in it but rather watch it from afar from either of the three parallel roads, and you can also reach it on foot. The strip of land with the tower between the lake and the sea is not freely available but you can visit it with a guide or rent it for parties. Imagine that. What a place for a bloggers’ meeting.

The 2013 and 2014 photos were taken with my first digital camera, a bulky Canon, and since I’ve been using a point-and-Nikon. Some of these surprised me when I had a look at the date.

30 thoughts on “Day 21: Narcissus

  1. Wow, what a stunning series of photos and what a beautiful place you live in. As I have thought before if not said. I especially like the photo of April 30 2015, with the sky and the earth mirrors of each other.

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    1. Thank you, Claudia (and for the mail, lovely to get it before my bedtime). I’m aware that it’s quite a bit of magic where I live and it takes away more or less all the hardships. The photo you mention is indeed on the special side.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Dan. I’ve realised July and August are missing, as is December, but I selected the favourite photos without checking the dates first. In the summer the situation is scorched. December is nice though.

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  2. I’ve never heard this story. I would have thought how totally cool of you to come up with that. I love the photos. It’s fun when you can return to a place over and over and it has something new to show you each time.

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    1. Oh true, Maggie, always something on offer around here. And yes, this is how it goes: so much of various material we marvel at daily has been nicked in one way or another. Not much originality around. Thank you!

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    1. Ohh, SMSW, imagine that!! I would if I had a bit of help and if let’s say you and four more blogging friends promise to come. 🙂 And thank you! This kind of posts are good for me too so that I can look at them whenever I feel bitchy and chill. 😉

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