Thursday Doors, 6/12/18: Morocco 2

My travelling uncles strikes again. This is the third Thursday Doors post with his Morocco door photos, with special thanks since I’ve never been. 

I don’t have him here to explain things so I won’t include any facts and locations. Suffice to say, it’s Morocco, and all this is what my uncle saw on his first day there, which was the last day of April this year.

His subsequent adventures from the same trip, including an elbow, were posted here. And here are some splendid Marrakesh doors.

All this makes me itch to go, especially the blue door in the gallery below, which is exactly the kind of door that I’d be searching out there. Maybe one day.

In some cases they forgot to install doors and left a hole. Or the doors are long gone, if there were any. This is for the people who don’t like doors.

And now let’s go to Africa. There is the sea too, to freshen up.

Photo: MK

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

36 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 6/12/18: Morocco 2

  1. Oh my, yes! He found some beauties for you. The image of that car makes me shiver just a bit. I love the arches and the beautiful arched doors. I think I like the blue arched door, offset in the large blue arch the best, but it’s a hard choice. If I look again, I’ll find a different favorite.

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  2. Oh great to have such an uncle! He brought some lovely doors, and the blue ones look really great as well. It is not the Majorelle garden is it? I don’t think it is, because then everything would have been blue. Now you made me want another Morocco trip…

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    1. Oh right, Leya, you were there! He was in the Majorelle garden for sure, but I think I posted a few doors from there in the Marrakesh door post (link in the post). Today’s photos are from another single day on the road. Thank you!


      1. I missed out on the Majorelle…That garden was my goal, but ob our way walking in the heat, we were told by several people it was closed. And unfortunately believed them. Why would people lie about that? We only had that day before leaving the city – and back at the hotel we learned it was open the whole day. Too late…Not many times I have been that disappointed with people on my travels.


  3. Bravo to the uncles and thanks for sharing these lovely shots from one of the many places in this world that I will probably never get to see in person.
    The rich history of the place is fascinating and the ornate decorative architecture is captivating.

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    1. Thank you, Norm, I’m glad you’re enjoying visiting it this way. I have the same feeling about it – not likely to see it soon. This is the next best thing. And it’s gorgeous there!


  4. These are amazing and I could just imagine that all of my senses would kerboom if I went to Morocco. There is so much to love in these photos but that deep lapis blue is stunning and the detail in the door and architectural features are stunning. Can you actually fall in love with a door?
    Best wishes,

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      1. Manja, just imagine people reading the note…Gone to the land of the bright blue doors. I’m looking forward to seeing your next post.
        Best wishes,

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  5. This is such a fascinating place. I’ll just have to live vicariously through other people’s experiences there. My favourite photo is towards the middle – the pinkish structure with the row of arches. There may be no doors in the photo, but it has an abundance of great arches!!

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