Pic and a Word #163: Out of hand

If not made by hand, then surely hand operated and without a doubt hand taken.


For all the hands
little and big
that ran out of time.

For the fingers
that pressed all the right buttons
and wrapped around
the loved ones
when the tune started,
or got wrapped around
the little one
and the music was over.

For the times
that got out of hand.

The last time I was in Ljubljana, Slovenia for a week, there was no light, no sun and no day to speak of, so I took photos in the darkness. It didn’t make much difference.

This was the first time I was in Nostalgija, a vintage bar by the Ljubljanica river. There were many objects displayed and mounted on the ceiling, and advertisements reminded us of some times long past.

And right there, on the left… It’s a Wurlitzer.

I took these in a hurry as we were leaving and didn’t press play then. But now I have listened to them all and the A1 is the winner. Go on, make your pick.

This reminded me of the blog The Immortal Jukebox where i’m behind, like on so many others that I love and STILL don’t visit regularly. And sure enough, Thom wrote about this song too.

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #163: Handmade

27 thoughts on “Pic and a Word #163: Out of hand

  1. You are an immortal photographer. How odd to see a Route 66 sign on the other side of pond. And speaking of songs, there’s a classic by Nat King Cole – get your kicks on Route 66. Have you heard it

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    1. Ahh, thank you, Susanne. Route 66 and the California dreaming used to be very ripe around here and I succumbed to it too, so much so that when I finally got my ass there, I was spellbound for a few days and couldn’t take any photo. A closer look of LA that followed cured it. So yes, getting my kicks from Route 66 and this song, if not exactly there (haven’t been yet).

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    1. I played all on Youtube before posting this, none while I was there. This one was new for me too, as were some others. I don’t know much about the music from those times, but I like it. Thank you for all your visits, Emma. I have your blog ready to catch up, finally!

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  2. Quite a Ime travel post. I knew the song, but had never “seen” it. The music, the dress code, a sort of “missing link” between the Big bands and the soon to come Rock &Roll bands…
    Thank you.

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    1. Thank you for the visit, Equinoxio! Indeed, it was a time travel and I was sorry that I couldn’t stay and attend the concert for which they were preparing the tiny place. Some bluesmen. But we had to be elsewhere. Always welcome!

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  3. I am showing my age, this song takes me right back to high school, there was a girl named Sue, and she was very blond and “popular.” The music you hear when you are sixteen carries with you your entire life. This song is especially evocative for me.

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