Thursday Doors, 29/11/18: Velenje Castle

Today’s doorhopping comes from the castle above Velenje, the city in Slovenia known for its socialist tradition and values. Not a bad legacy.

I’m sure not everything is rosy there but the joy of the people at the recent re-election of its mayor that I witnessed on Slovenian TV convinced me he is doing quite a few things right.

Velenje, also called “Red Velenje” and in the Yugoslav past officially called Titovo Velenje (Tito’s Velenje), is the sixth largest Slovenian city with the mining past and what must be the largest still standing Tito statue in Slovenia (just guessing here; I’ll show it at another time).

Which comes in handy since on this day Yugoslavia used to celebrate its Republic Day back in the day, and the band from Sarajevo Zabranjeno pušenje (“No Smoking”) could sing “Today is Republic Day and the old man has had a few.”

Ah, hell, let’s hear it out but since I’m feeling lazy, here is a (not all that splendid but informative) translation off the net. I especially like the last lines: “Are you insane, Dragan / Close the windows, the stove isn’t working”).

And before I lose myself in the memories of how it used to be, let’s hop up to the castle with my patient friends, the same ones who waited for us in vain while we were busy getting (almost) irretrievably lost, as I explained in the past post where I showed you the lake, Pippi Longstocking doors and some of the city’s red stars.

My friend looked around with interest where her mother used to play when she lived there. Not that they are some kind of royalty, the castle used to house apartments. Now it holds a museum and provides setting for various events.

The castle has plenty of gorgeous doors and the one at the main entrance is 500 years old (or did the man at the gate say 300? hm…). It also gives good views and I was happy to go there. Thank you, friends!

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

23 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 29/11/18: Velenje Castle

  1. Gorenje, Velenje.
    I wrote sth today..and then I saw the date. I stared at it for a long time. My god, Republic Day, I thought. I wasn’t thinkink much. I just let it overflow me. It felt good for a while. Off to listen to Zabranjeno pusenje.
    (Loved the castle)

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  2. This is an interesting place – arched doorways, old unusual doors, and the roof is different from anything I’ve seen before … including the overhangs above the doors. If there used to be apartments in this castle, it must have been an interesting place to live!!

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    1. Thank you, Joanne. I was also surprised by some designs, very original. As for the apartments, I don’t think they were actually in the castle but in some buildings surrounding it.


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