Pic and a Word #160: Contemplate this

Are these the End Times? Or has it only just begun? Be as it may, there is a storm coming.

First the poem. Read the title as a companion to “grumble grumble”.

Contemple contemple

Con temple,
con tempi,
with times.

I hear say
that these are the End Times.
That we should unite
for the greater cause,
redouble our efforts,
give birth to the new beginning
and fight for the future.

But wouldn’t that be a misnomer?

Why is Renaissance called that?
How about the Dark Ages?
Ice Age?

Does this mean we fail?

So I suggest we stop calling it
the End Times
because even if it’s true
it’s not fair
to give away the ending.

And now here is the gallery in two pieces. First the dark part. What if…

And this is how it looks from the bright side. Never forget: it all comes down to how they feed it to you.

“There’s a storm coming” comes from the film Take Shelter. If you watch it, prepare to be affected.

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #160: Contemplation

16 thoughts on “Pic and a Word #160: Contemplate this

  1. I love this… the changing perspectives. Wonderfully done.

    Appropriately, I suppose, you have me in a contemplative mind-set… one prone to verbalisation. Meaning: this might ramble on for a bit. 😉

    The stories we tell have beginnings, middles and ends.

    Life? Existence is a simultaneous experience of beginning, middle and end; we are constantly in a state of each. But each of these represents a different way in which we tell ourselves the story of our self. It’s how we order the past, decide which way to go in this moment or define who we are (past, present and future). The stories we tell ourselves plan our future destinations. This ongoing and never-ending story is, problematically, a fiction we create, the workings of our mind putting a veneer of meaning on experience.

    This veneer is an attachment. Freedom from attachment means removing not just the veneer, but the habit or need of creating one.

    Or something like that. 😉

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  2. Terrific post of contrasts. Right now, living in California feels more like the former than the latter. Scary conditions during which I have thought about how long it will take for the earth’s air to be unbreathable. Your images are very fitting and well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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