Thursday Doors reminder

Since my today’s post doesn’t appear in my Reader and possibly neither in yours, here is a hook.

Do you wish to see doors from here shot by me and the man on the floor? See my previous post. Thank you.

14 thoughts on “Thursday Doors reminder

    1. Heheh, I’d never use this word. Bestia is not too sure though. 😉 BTW, I found it interesting how you spelled his name Fonzi. It’s how I do it in Slovenian, but Marco writes it Fonsie, which is how an English speaker would, or so I believed. 😀

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  1. Great shot and sure to be a treasured photograph by all! What lengths we go to to get the image!

    For me getting down is easy. It’s the getting back up that’s a problem. 😜 Hopefully, that wasn’t the case for Norm.

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