Thursday Doors, 8/11/18: San Galgano Abbey – Double Bill

This is a joint post, which means that you can experience this visit out of another pair of eyes. We certainly didn’t come to San Galgano Abbey for the doors but we left with some, as one does. 

You might have heard it already: a bit over a month ago Doormaster himself paid a visit to his Italian branch office. He made sure that the doors are behaving and that everything is in order, and then left again.

In four and a half days we did our rounds and Norm and his lovely wife seemed quite pleased with the itinerary, weather, food, bestia, amore and me. And the doors, of course. It was entirely mutual.

Today we decided to do a joint Thursday Doors post, but without cheating in from of a preview. This probably means that you will get a bunch of the same doors, since the location in question is nothing but a shell of a building with not many doors left standing.

But what a building! This is the Abbey of San Galgano near Chiusdino. We found it by chance with my parents a few years ago and this was only my second visit. I’m sure that Norm will tell you more about its history, but if not, tough luck. Since over here I’ll let the photos do almost all the talking. Take it away, Abbey.

(ADD-IT: See the man in action!)

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

48 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 8/11/18: San Galgano Abbey – Double Bill

  1. I love that your perspective is so different from Norm’s. It goes to prove that 2 people can experience the same place and yet see different things 💕
    I love all that glorious golden light which showcases Italian structures so perfectly. This abbey looks like it’s surrounded by magic. So beautiful!

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    1. You said it, Joanne, magic it is! And the light just adds to it. It would be fun to visit a place like this with a bunch of photographers and then look at the results to see the beauty you’ve missed. 🙂


  2. Oooh, these are wonderful and many of them have multiple layers of depth – something I don’t shoot very often. Overall its just so cool to see what you noticed that I didn’t.
    It all brings back memories of a very fun day that we will treasure always. We do hope to return the favour one day so just remember that there’s a room here ready for you both, whenever you’re ready 😀

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    1. Ohh, yes, yes, Norm, I keep the vision of the room in my small brain. 😉 We had such a great time and it passed in a blink of an eye. It is truly interesting to observe the same day and doors through another set of eyes. Thank you!

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  3. Interesting to see the two different takes on the same visit. Norm’s photos suggested a calm, nearly deserted building while your outing looks a lot livelier!

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  4. I am so impressed by how well preserved this place is, even given the toll time has taken. Love the photos, especially the close-up of the lock (and the dog – love dogs).

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  5. Manja, I really loved exploring these photos and felt really drawn into the shots. I love the shot of the guy with the dog (might be you with your dog? I’m tired) which could be anybody anywhere but then there’s that ancient door behind them and the old and the new padlocks.
    From a photographic standpoint, my favourite was titled “Photographing”. I loved the inclusion of the striking woman in black and the layering of the arches a long with the height of those imposing columns…fantastic! Could be in Vogue.
    Best wishes,

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    1. Thank you for careful viewing and your excitement, Rowena. I couldn’t be that with the dog because I am a woman. 😀 That is my dog though, and my amore. Thanks for saying Vogue. It’s the first time on my blog that it gets a mention, hahaha.


      1. I realized after I posted that comment that you’re a woman and yet I pictured you and Norm as two blokes exploring doors together. Let’s just say you can’t take me anywhere!

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  6. These are some great shots Manga. I do love abbeys. It was fun to see it through both yours and Norm’s eyes (plus get to see double the amount of photos!) 🙂

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