October 2017

Before this month is done, here is last year’s October in twenty images.

Greetings from Rome where we had a bit of Armageddon last night, with a hail storm, flash floods and general chaos. Luckily we stayed home and didn’t know about any of that, only Bestia was fighting his usual storm fight (first barking at it, then scratching at furniture to find a secret escape route).

Last year I also spent some October days in Rome, as you shall see. The rest of the photos are from my immediate surroundings. There were no visitors, and that meant no trips.

But with views like these, where should I go and why?

Previous months in my 2017 Calendar in the making can be found here.

26 thoughts on “October 2017

  1. So many good ones this month! My absolute fave is the “micro level” shot through the stone opening. But there are many other beauties, like the feathery grasses (love), the dogs and cats (always adorable), sunsets, fields, and warm old walls.

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  2. All of your photos are gorgeous! Love the B&W snails and the sunset.
    Question: Are there many cats roaming the streets of Rome? Your little friend is beautiful and I would want to take him/her or many of them home or at least provide a place to stay when it’s cold.

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    1. Oh, I visit Rome every month but I live 1.5 hours northwest in southern Tuscany. This cat is from there. I see her almost every day and she belongs to a couple who live near. They have at least two other cats and take care of them. So no need to worry. 🙂 Thank you and good to see you on my blog!

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      1. Good to know about your kitty buddy! I’m trying to get around to some of the blogs I’ve neglected over the summer months and yours was one. I’ve had to put Thursday Doors aside due to work and life, but maybe one day I’ll rejoin the fold. 🙂

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