Thursday Doors, 18/10/18: Nova vas

Today I present the first half of possibly all the doors of the village Nova vas in Slovenian Istria where we went for the garlic. Okay, and wine.

The Garlic and Wine Festival is the annual event over one summer weekend when locals offer their garlic products, wine and hospitality. This July I visited it for the first time with my father who is a regular.

In my family garlic has always been eaten and not just burnt into the dish for the taste and then discarded, as SOME (hint, the neighbouring Italians) seem to prefer.

No wonder father bought four kilos.

The free but hot bus ride from Piran that should have taken much less than an hour doubled in time because of the holiday traffic near the Slovenian-Croatian border. The driver did a couple of manoeuvres to buy us some time and finally was able to turn off the main road into the hill above the Dragonja river on the border towards the New Village, which is what Nova vas means.

First the local guide took us on a visit around the village that included the church with the cemetery and the museum – a house kept intact from the old times. Today’s post will cover this, the first part of the visit.

The second part, which will follow in due time, will show doors from the stroll around the stalls and tastings that came next. Even though the festivities ended in a dance, we ran away like a couple of Cinderellas. Back to Piran where I had an abseiling princess to catch.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

36 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 18/10/18: Nova vas

  1. A garlic AND wine festival?? Sounds like my kind of festival! I always double the amount of garlic in recipes, and have recently discovered pickled garlic. But roasted garlic is my favourite. How do you eat yours?
    But back to the doors: I do love all the blue doors (and window shutters), especially the one behind the stall 🙂

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  2. The doors in the museum are awesome and that old stove is my fave.
    Mmmm garlic :-p
    I tried growing my own for the first time this year and it was so successful that I’m going to double my plantings for next year.

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  3. Awesome post, Manja! Loved your photos and humorous commentary and door #52 left a lasting impression due it being offset.

    A couple of friends of Deborah and me are currently doing a photo workshop in Slovenia (not sure when the adventure ends) and I almost joined but had other things going on so declined. Deborah and I commisserated that perhaps someday we would make it there, too and get you to be our guide (I would also like to return to Tuscany because a 1-day bus tour wasn’t enough). Till then, we’ll see your home towns through your eyes.

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    1. Thank you, Gordon. I wonder what you mean by offset. That’s great to hear, about Slovenia. Too bad you couldn’t join them this time. I’d love to see the results of their workshop, if they get to be posted anywhere. I’m glad to borrow you my eyes any time, until I get to guide you around in person. 🙂

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