Pic and a Word #156: Your kind of love

Yesterday I spent travelling by myself. No wonder I was thinking of you.

Your kind of love

Today I’m taking your daily train route,
all 100 minutes of it.
Just right for a good film.

So I stare out.

We go past the lake.
Do you see all these birds too?
Solemn, grazing the fields.
They choose to spend their winter here.

And that ostrich-shaped bush?
Does it mess with your head at least a little
making you believe you’re already in Africa?
Must be the dirty windows.

Do they have olive trees in Africa?
Eucalyptus is far from home.

It’s only the first station
and so much has happened yet.

(Tanks on trucks in Tarquinia followed.
Not here they won’t.)

These were just the first twenty minutes
of my 18-hour travel.

I spend them looking out through your eyes.

But no, you don’t see any of that at all.

When your train leaves it’s still dark.

You leave in the dark
so that I can keep dreaming
still warm dreams
with bestia in your
still warm spot.

You are the kind kind
And this is how you love.

Be so kind as to read the captions for more crucial info, for example which book I was reading.

I missed the last couple of Patrick’s challenges but who can deny a theme like that?

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #156: Love

16 thoughts on “Pic and a Word #156: Your kind of love

    1. Thank you, Lexi. 🙂 I’m certain you can do it faster too, but one of the first things Italy has thought me was: do NOT plan too short stop-overs. A 20-minute delay was enough one time to miss my second train. Therefore I had two 2-hour waiting slots in my travel. Sicher ist sicher, Germans would say. 😀 To be sure is to be sure. And tomorrow I’ll do it in reverse because I’m going back already.

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    1. Hehe, thanks, SMSW. I had almost two hours between last train and first bus, so I was strolling around the Tiburtina station in light rain, trying to look bad ass and not get mugged. After a while I didn’t care any more, clicking left and right because there was a collision of old and new like you wouldn’t believe. And then I sat on a bench in front on those drivers and just chilled and it was perfect.

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  1. I found this sweet — “You leave in the dark
    so that I can keep dreaming
    still warm dreams
    with bestia in your
    still warm spot.” — Five days a week here, that is how it is here. ❤
    I hope you had/have safe and happy travels.

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    1. Thank you, Joey. I’m back now. It was weird to travel by myself, it’s been a while. And strenuous too: 18 hours on the road, 2 full days with my family in Slovenia, 18 hours back home. A lovely little blitzkrieg though. 😀

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  2. Enjoyed seeing this part of the journey. It’s all part of the trip. Personally, I prefer to allow extra time between transports and take longer to get there, than worrying if I will miss a connection because I only allowed 10 minutes between trains/planes/buses.

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  3. Oh, that poem. I hear your voice clearly. So much like what my mind does when I’m traveling and gazing out the window. Dark Materials – loved those so so so much. The movie is beautiful, but books are always better.

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    1. Oh, Crystal, I love hearing that you loved the book. I haven’t had any comment about it yet. I couldn’t ask for a better travelling companion. I read book I. on departure and almost finished book II. on arrival. And I didn’t even know there was a film. 🙂 Better not watch it. Thank you so much!

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