Lens-Artists PC: Windows and stuff

Twenty windows that caught my eye in Maremma.

Today we continue on the day where we stopped in my previous Lens-Artists PC post looking up, but only with the first photo below. The others are from the remaining days of our recent long weekend with our special visitors. As you will see, they were just as blue.

In each photo there is a window or more of them, most with a certain something, since Leya added a little + to her challenge post title. So little that I saw it only after I made my selection. For these reasons some windows just are.

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, hosted by Leya of To See A World in a Grain of Sand…: Windows+

31 thoughts on “Lens-Artists PC: Windows and stuff

  1. You never disappoint me, Manja…marvellous collection – and you noticed the +! Bees, Bonsai and a prisoner plant – what more can I ask for? Love them all.

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    1. Oh, Sue, thank you! I have but didn’t know you were there too. I go to Pitigliano with most of my visitors after I found it on the list of Tuscan attractions soon after moving less than an hour away five years ago, and this was my second time to San Galgano which I discovered by chance by following the signs from Monticiano years ago. I’m very glad you were there as well, so you know just how glorious both places are.


    1. Thank you, Tina. I’m afraid (but not really) that in four years of blogging I’ve come to realise that 20 is my natural number of photos per post. 😀 I have so many photos that I must have 20 of everything, even if I don’t like it as much.


  2. I’m another fan of the prisoner plant … but also the plain lightbulbs hanging down. I imagine at night it creates a pretty ambiance. It’s such a simple idea and even in the daylight I like the look of it.
    … and also the window reflections in the windows. You have a good eye for details.

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    1. Hihih, Abrie, if you call this a fetish, what would you say about my door habit? 😉 Every Thursday, right here. And there are more of us. You’re right about the bee door, though. Thank you!


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