Thursday Doors, 4/10/18: Normies in Maremma

I’m not sure who invented the word doorfie for a selfie in a door reflection, but today I’ve got an even newer word: Normie. 

That is, Norm in a door-shell. He has survived the attack of Tuscan doors and greets you all.

There were some other words mentioned regularly, such as doorgasm, and expressions starting with Holy.

But please, nothing to envy here. He had to bake his Amazing Double Chocolate Chip Cookies too. 😉

If you wish to make it into my doors too, do not despair. I put them up so that you can. Life is long and varied and silly door posts lead to places.

Here is a collection of Normies then. And when you’re done, go to Dan’s and leave a door or more in his good care of the blue frog. Norm is not done with Italy quite yet.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge hosted by Dan this week

59 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 4/10/18: Normies in Maremma

  1. LOVE! Great post and coining of a new expression, Normie 😆 It seems that you had your own kind of special fun while Norm was doorgasming 🙂

    It is true that we do start to become door snobs – especially when surrounded by riches. Doors that would be spectacular anywhere else are glossed over in favour of something even more eye-catching. It looks like you had an amazing outing together!!

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  2. These are great doors and wonderful reflections. I’m glad to see Norm is having a good time. Thanks for the pingback – it’s fun hosting the doorfies, normies and doorasims for a week. You have such a rich collection of doors to choose from, I always enjoy Manjadoors.

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  3. Normies! Fabulous! I call the photos where there is a tiny distant reflection of me or a foot or hand or shadow Stealthies….

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    1. Thank you, Catherine. Stealthies are a good name too if you don’t have Norm handy. 🙂 Also, I’ve just read your About me and enjoyed it in one breathe. Many happy babies!


    1. Thank you, I. J. I edited your comment, I think and hope correctly (before it said ‘and’ instead of ‘are’). Doors are most certainly doors and I’m glad we’ve all got them. 🙂


  4. What a post!!! What doors!! What fun you’ve all had. And as for “NORMIE”…perfect. Love and best wishes to all (that’s all you lot and all your wonderful doors. Doorstastic.

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    1. Thank you, Helen. Oh yes, that’s life! I told Norm that we could live like this – doorscursions, good food, good wine, good conversation – for three years before we start to quarrel at least a little. 😀


  5. You and Norm must be having such a great time together and these photo and the commentary are so much fun. I will have to start a counter movement supporting the ordinary door. Every door has a story. Don’t judge a door by it’s facade.
    Best wishes,

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    1. Hihih, Rowena, I support your counter movement too!! Power to all the doors! What a great idea! I must make an underwhelming door post one day. 😀 Talking about photo worthy!


  6. Currently living on doornations this week from my family. 🙂 So thankful for the great educators/examples you all have been and continue to be! I’m still in infancy in this photo world.

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    1. Hehe, Janet, that’s what you get for looking the other way. 😉 But no worries, you haven’t missed a thing. I’m sure Norm will let you all see what he saw in his posts when he returns. And thank you!


      1. I am not Italian but I like the language, etc. Have at least been near Italy this year August in Eastern-Tyrole (Austria) which was crowded by Italians for “feragosto”. Must visit Italy sometimes again!

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    1. Thank you, Jean! Oh, bestia was very impressed with the visitors and greeted them so happily each morning. In this photo he looks a little fed up with doors, true. 😀


  7. Normies! I love that expression, and doorgaism too. You have so many wonderful doors there, and the reflections are fantastic! It looks like you all had a marvelous visit and doorscursion or two.

    My favs…that teal door. SWOON! But, you know me and green. I also would have been oohing and aahing over the triple treat at Massa Marittima. Those were wonderful.

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  8. I had such fun looking for Norm or you in the reflections I forgot to look at the doors! Need to go back and see them now. Looks as though y’all had a terrific time doorgazing together. Have fun you two.

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  9. So exciting that y’all got together! And on a dooscursion, no less! You obviously know which is my favorite, although the door that would be pretty with anyone in front of it is also quite nice 🙂

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    1. Of course, doormission! Just what we are used to. It’s just that usually we do it each on our own continent, and now we came together to do it jointly. Thank you, Draco.


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