Pic and a Word #153: My emptiness

I shall never forget how upon moving to Italy my parents told me that I lived in the middle of nowhere. Finally.

Where are you?
When will you return?

I turn my back
when they arrive
and run home
to emerging
when they start
to depart.

Best of both worlds.

The views are of the Silver Coast in Tuscany, more precisely, Monte Argentario peninsula, where I roamed with my travelling uncle earlier this month when he dispatched me back home after two months in Slovenia, my land of origin.

If I invite you, you are not the pest. Welcome.

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #153: Emptiness

16 thoughts on “Pic and a Word #153: My emptiness

  1. Wow – even where it is rocky, people will seek water to cool off. Personally, I’m not a beach bunny. I need shade!!

    The landscape is gorgeous. The steep rocky trails I could handle on foot, but driving that road – or any like it – would be pretty scary for me!!!

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    1. Thank you, Joanne. I admit it’s better to drive such roads myself than be in the car while another drives. 😀 As for beach bunny, I love the sea but don’t like the heat, especially frying on the towel. If bestia wished to swim with me, that would be ideal, but for some reason doesn’t wish to any more… Only wets his paws and then goes out.

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    1. Hi, Verne! They said it in an incredulous, concerned way. “How can you live in the only part of Italy without highway?” My mother needs people and action for survive. 🙂 As for me, nowhere is everywhere. 😉 I’ve seen that you posted. Will dedicate myself to the Azores most gladly shortly.

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  2. There really aren’t that many tourists there! It didn’t look crowded. I would love to find a beach with so few people! Although I’m really not the layout at the beach and take swim sort anymore. I was as a kid, but the water is just too cold here for me as an adult and too many people!

    I love those views and the color of the water!

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    1. Thank you, Deborah. This was in September, you should see it in the summer. 😉 I better don’t go there then, I don’t like crowds either. I should explore now, with no people around, but the weather is wet and murky.

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        1. I can relate to how Amore is feeling! It’s cold here in the mornings now.

          Now a warm sea I’ll swim in or at least put my feet in it! I had my feet and calves in the sea while in FL. The water was lovely; not too cold or warm.

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